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  1. when my doc put me on mino he put me on ortho lo also...it works wonders for me so maybe she should think about switching...i dunno i would think a lower dose of hormones would help skin clear rather than the other way around..but maybe im wrong
  2. hmmm well how old r u and when is the last time u visited the dermatologist? i know the first time i started breaking out the first derm. i saw put me on differin gel and it completely cleared my skin up..for like a few weeks and then it just got worse from there because it was so irritated i guess..but everyone is different too. as for the retin a micro..i have never used it so i dont really know what to say about that...whats ur lifestyle like these days? your diet? even tho everyone says
  3. I would think that is a good price...i usually pay anywhere from $75-100 for each
  4. the only thing that works for me is using dermacleanse and proactiv repairing lotion in the morning along with aloette moisturizer or proactiv daily oil control, and then proactiv cleanser and toner and benzamiacin in the evening and aloette moisturizer and taking minocycline 50 mg day and night and orthotricyclen lo everyday
  5. eeek yeah i can never ususally use any kind of product that has a perfume like that to it.. i just stick with nioxin..that stuff is awesome all on its own..but it doesnt have a flowery icky smell and its great stuff..never irritating what-so-ever.
  6. oh my gosh i love that stuff! not so much the kind u have to keep in the refrigerator tho..that sometimes is a little too much for my skin..but the cheaper stuff..the kind you mix up yourself..thats awesome! if i get a few breakouts i just put that on at night and the next morning im all cleared up:) it's a lifesaver! (they should lower the price tho!
  7. I know so many people will sit there and tell you that the way you eat has nothing to do with acne...well it may not be the cause but it definitely doesnt help your skin any if ur eating nothing but junk. think about it, if you put junk into your system ur gonna get junk out of ur system. i notice a huge difference in my complexion when im eating right or not eating right. i break out and my skin goes crazy...the best way to go is to eat clean.. this is what i eat: egg whites ex. virgin oli
  8. so my skin is now clear except for the red crap and before my doc said accutane would get rid of it..but i dunno...do u think i should go ahead and get dermabrasion or somthing? i also had a doc suggest maybe a chemical peel? any sugg?
  9. ive always used proactiv before and in conjunction with my meds and stuff and its always worked really really well...but i was thinkin of switching to the extra strength since my skin is so freaking oily..have any of you tried it yet and if so what do u think? i was thinking maybe i should just start out using the regular cleanser and toner and the extra strength only in the repairing lotion..?