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  1. i feel amazing its crazy how when ur skin clears ur mood lifts woo lol
  2. miss you 2. guna send you a msg

  3. helloooo

    miss u!!!!!!!

  4. i havnt been here in sooo long now ive been on roaccutane for 4 months and my skin is lovely just thought id let yous know
  5. i go to bed too early haha thats why im never online!

  6. i sign in nearly every night coffee girl but your neva on. u need to realise i go to bed early lol

  7. Which of the girls of the photo are you? Who will be the next top model with millions of € in her pockets?

  8. Well... my family have contact with english people and everyone of them has a lot of alcohol tolerance. More than many germans. Indeed they make jokes about the germans (I'm german descendant) get drunk easily while the english would never suffer it (at least as quick as germans I think).

  9. dont believe eerything u hear :P

  10. And you have a huge advange: irish, english or scottish have a natural genetic predisposition to drink high amounts of alcohol without much harm. The references: National Geographic Channel or Discovery.

    =) ;)

    Now I'll prepare an Irish Coffee ;)


  11. Nah i barely go on this :P

    sign in msn soon for a chat gothicgurl haha