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  1. Im interested in hearing from anyone who only applies BP at night? Im thinking about going this route for awhile since I have VERY mild acne. Just wondering if anyone else has tried this or currently does this?
  2. Are you serious? That is "derm worthy." It looks pretty bad, I wont just tell you what you want to hear. Might as well get it cleared up, you will feel much better. C'mon now.
  3. Alright, thanks. I showered again because I was playing baseball and I was gross. I just shouldnt have applied the bp again.
  4. What do you use for SA as well as at night?
  5. Ok, I have been on the regimen for 5 days now. Yesterday I was outside so I showered three times. I also applied BP three different times throughout the day. Today my face feels pretty dry especially around my mouth area. I have applied my moisturizer probably 3 or 4 times already and it helps for awhile. I was wondering if I should take a day off of the bp? I wont break out, will I? Also for days like yesterday, are we supposed to just stick to twice a day? Wont the shower wash it all off from
  6. Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I use the recommend Neutrogena with spf 15....its pretty lovely. I will keep you posted
  7. Ok, I have only been on Dan's BP regimen for 4 days now but I already love it. I never really had bad acne, maybe a small pimple here and there, but now I am almost 100% clear. I have experienced a little drying so far, but nothing my moisturizer couldnt fix. I just felt like that you know that IT IS possible to see results within days...
  8. Yeah, after applying I dont feel anything out of the ordinary. I just feels like I have applied lotion or something. I dont feel dry at all and havent had to use any lotion so far. I applied last night and this morning, so tonight will only be my 3rd time. What should I expect?
  9. Ok, well maybe its working and my face is just accepting it
  10. Ok, I just didnt know if that meant I didnt use enough of I'm just immue to it?
  11. I just applied my very first application of Dan's BP gel. I washed my face with the basis bar soap and then 15 minutes later applied a good amount of BP to my entire face. I felt nothing when I applied and I still feel nothing, is this normal? Should I be having any reaction to it? Let me know
  12. Dan, I just received your bp gel as well as the facial soap. I shave everyday using an electric razor. I was just wondering when and how I should assert this into the regimen? I usually shave and then shower and wash my face in the shower, would this work and then just apply the bp gel after showering? Let me know ASAP. Thanks
  13. Thanks, I will give that a try!
  14. I use an electric razor for shaving my face. For the most part, I shave everyday. When and how should I assert this into the regimen? Before or after I shower? Thanks,