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  1. you drink all these teas,I bet you never get flu or common cold!! haha well today is the first day drinking camomille tea,I'll see what will happen:D bthw how is your condition now?are you clear allready,aaaand honey yeah,what about it because when I started green tea,I started eating plenty amount of honey per day,since we have our bees and we "steal" it from them:P...
  2. sometimes yes, acctually its intersting the fact that doesnt matter how happy or deppresed I am, always I feel suicidal,I guess its in my blood ...BUT when I FEEL lonely and not when I am lonely,I just tend to think this is my doom,and suffer in lonliness...however now for now I have too many battels to win,so I dont have time for such things like suicide,I just ignore it
  3. oh yeah I feel like that too,acne complitely controll my mood.I wake up in the morning I look myself in the mirror and if I see no pimples I feel happy all the day,happy happy and sometimes I act like foolish...and if I see pimples deppresion deppresion deppresion deppresion...I seriously need some proffesional help and today is one of these days,LOW
  4. wow Honey,thnx so much...I think the case is closed NO MORE GREEN TEA, and oh I loved it so much:S:S damn. mabye I'll start just camomille tea ant @ handsbella-since it doesnt cause you a breakout then drink it,cos it tastes so good:( bye:)
  5. well I was clear for about weeks now,from sulfur mixtures but since I started drinking green tea,five days ago today I woke up with pimples,arrrggghh.Is this possible> to breakout from this tea?anyone experinsed this before? and I'm addicted to its taste allready...
  6. because when I was clear=pritty everyone liked me more,I could see people directly in the eye and letting all my charm do the rest,believe me it allways worked...and If I dont look normal= confident he even wont notice me:(,and if he doesnt notice me I will die from deppresion,if I die from deppresion I'll kill myself right away,AGAIN...Lol,I am very hormonal right now and I am allmost clear
  7. yeah frou frou rules:), and their music IS very emocional,and by the way,one reason why I like them so much is cos they make me happy,while every other group or song I lissen just makes me sad,whatever the gender is...keep cheking 'em
  8. hmmm wiccan I guess,cos if I dont go out every day for about ten minutes to feel the sun,deppresion kills me withing an hour
  9. ahahah I wouldnt suggest u lissen them right now either,haha,,,anyway just dont forget to lissen them(uh I am very obbsesive person and I want you to like them,uf:P)...well right now to me is only 1pm and my mom is with eyes wide open:P by the way this is imogen heap ups I thought I posted one image of her but damn this bad pc
  10. oh actually this pc is very bad one and I cant do much to post something from them but you can just go to the youtube and lissen something,ANYTHING of them and I am shure if you have good taste youre gonna love them... oh and tell me if you like them
  11. electronic music, downtempo,indie, you know experimental:D but imogen heap is such an artist that I could compare her with bjork:D
  12. Does anyone here lissen to them,or Imogen Heap,cos I am totally in love with them and just cant stop lissening their music all day
  13. THE IDIOT-dostojevski and all classic russian authors - mabye I am not very honest since there are too many books I fell in love with, after reading...
  14. well I would cure acne,because If I'd choose 1 million,then I would change the way I'm living life,I think it would give me just trubles,u know like what to do with them and so on...and I am afraid I wouldnt paint anymore ...aaand I am so very addicted to drugs,I really wouldnt resist the temtation... its better to take that money someone else,hahah thank you:)
  15. you meditate every two hours,wow this is so nice!How do u find time and place?Long time ago I bought a book to tell me how to practise yoga,but huh I couldnt do it even two times,it's very hard when you are very nervous and impulsive among others... oh and how long do u meditate?