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  1. Yes it did clear my skin significantly. I even stopped using it to see if it is indeed the ACV and it seems to be as I changed nothing else and my skin reverted to its oldself. Started using it again a few days ago. I also felt better overall, nothing HUGE but enough to feel more energized when I am on it. I use 2x30ml dosages a day, that is 4 tablespoons. I buy Bragg because it is the least expensive of the 5 brands available at my local store but I used another brand before they carri
  2. What I have discovered is the dosage suggested on most websites, even Bragg ACV is highly underdosed. You have to take in more more than they say, 3 x per day at 1-2 teaspoons is the recommendation but the only time I have had results is with two dose of 30ml each, that is 4 TABLESPOONS a day. That is twice the dosage of taking 2 teaspoons 3 times a day. Take one after breakfast and one after diner. Give that a good 6 weeks and you WILL see results, if not in terms of skin you WILL see resul
  3. Is rated "Organic Virgin Coconut Oil" ? And what is the brand? You probably bought some industrial cooking coconut oil which goes to such a horrendous process that pretty much all the health benefits are gone and you end up eating nothing but extra calories. And even this type of heavily processed coconut oil is still 100% coconut oil and labeling it like that is not illegal. You're just not getting any of the health benefits.
  4. The product you state has no scientific research behind it, yes the STRAINS themselves have research showing their great contributions to health, but this companies formula has NONE and so the strains could very well be all dead. Also science still can not give an account of how much strains get reactivated in dried forumalas, vsl#3 is dried and works but that is probably because it has 450 billion in ONE serving, if only 10% survive which is what some scientist contend that is still 45 billi
  5. I received a reply from the head researcher in Canada from the probiotics center. http://www.crdc-probiotics.ca/ Dr. Reid said that only 3 probiotics have scientific research showing their effectiveness (in Canada). Florastor, VSL#3 and Activia. As well BioK+ will be on that list (or is by now) this is the one I take myself. Basically what he is saying is that you know you are getting the actual content stated. Considering a survey of 25 probiotics found none of them were even close to wha
  6. Definitly stick to natural coco oil with nothing added.
  7. You only need 2 tablespoons a day. And don't worry about the saturate fat, the demonizing of saturated fat is unfounded, you have different types of saturated fats and some of them are extremely good for you and will not cause the negatives like other saturated fats. Of course too much of a good can become a bad thing.
  8. I don't understand what you are saying. Coconut oil IS solid at room temp. If the room is REALLY warm, it might become slightly liquid. But yes, try to buy raw, UNREFINED coconut oil. For some reason it takes less temperatur for extra virgin to become solid. And the extra virgin type is healthier. Just go with this company tropicaltraditions.com and you can't go wrong, I buy that brand from mercola.com because he has it better priced and their shipping is fast.
  9. Make sure it is "extra virgin" coco oil. If not it could solidify if the temperature is not right.
  10. You can read up on it here http://blashy.shackspace.com/Health%20and%20Fitness/Coconut Virgin or Extra Virgin "organice" coco oil. They both do the job. That's product looks ok, but you can easily find it at a local health food store.
  11. There is no way the accunaturals could INCREASE acne, the ingredients in there just don't cause acne. The ONLY possible increase in some skin eruptions would be a few days after IF your system was being cleansed and expelling all the toxins. But the ingredients themselves, no way. I say this not as someone who supports the product, I don't use it, but I use loads of vitamins (non synthetic) and 1000s of research shows the vitamins in this product do not cause acne on the contrary, it helps