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    Maken Moneysz, Famlay, My Car, Summer Nightsz, Drawing, Writing, Music, Cleaning, Myspace, tv, Shopping, Friendsz, Spendin time wit my man =} My Myspace IM isz: nativepimpstress89
  1. sadgirl89

    march 2009

  2. you're really pretty :) I love your piercings! I had my nose pierced but it kept getting red and swollen so I had to take it out :'(

  3. Hey, I am and ivory color skin tone and have black thin hair on my face, I am scraed to use epilator on my face because my hair is thin but If I use the epilator will it make the hairs on my face darker?? I get laser hair removal for my upper lip and chin :/ . and from shaving I get little scabs and red marks and razor bumps and all that bad stuff on my chin. so i was also wondering what i can do to get rid of the red marks I only started shaving like a year ago ...wish I never did But I real
  4. Hmm well I'm fuzzy too :/ I get lase r hair removal but ergghh its too expensive..worth it..but expenisve I think I will get my face waxed but how long will it last and wont I get ingrown hairs from waxing and/or epilators??
  5. O dang..THANK YOU for telling me that lol i just starting using my heinz brand ACV and put it on a couple active pimples :/ but I'll be sure not to put it back on the active pimples
  6. Pleaze somebody HELP me!! I have the Heinz brand of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and need to know if thats ok for my face :think:Or does it have to be ORGANIC??? Pleaze somebody help me How would I make it work for on my face... because this is what I'm thinking in my head.. Get a little bowl and put 3 tablespoons water & 2 tablespoons of ACV...but i dont want to start it if it has to ORGANIC.. so somebody PLEASE HELP ME!!! and I'm just gonna say what I'm thinking of doing for my acne and scars..
  7. hey, quick question.. does the acv have to be organic for topical use?? i have the heinz brand of acv and i dont know what to do, i dilute it 2 tablespoons water and 1 tablespoon acv and how long do i leave it on?
  8. But in time our scars will go away =} with the help of NOTHING, but water and ACV...
  9. yes they will eventually fade in time...just b patient..im not an expert but probably be gone anywhere from 1 year to 2 years depending on what kind of scars you have, and how new/old they are. stick in there =}
  10. I took ACV supplements for a while. Didn't do jack squat to me. I think someone just ground up grass, jammed them into capsules and called it ACV tablets.
  11. sadgirl89

    SUMMER 2008

    Before I try "The Natural Approach combined with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Hope It WORKS!!
  12. I think Im gonna go see my doctor for PCOS. And after looking at the Dianette, I might ask him about taking some =}
  13. Wow, I am dumb..lol I just now realized you already said something about PCOS..I'm sorry for saying anything useful lol But I know that facial hair is very common in PCOS, Again, I'm sorry for not reading well enough But hope it gets better =}