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  1. Like if I'm looking in the mirror, it's like the left lip/ chin area is the only place that breaks out and not the right side or my cheeks. What's up?
  2. The two pics are only a year after and I like it, it's just I don't really have a good enough pic of me now to show you but like I definately see my right cheek and chin are is getting it in the same way it started to before.
  3. So yeah, that picture is of me after I had taken Accutane. The other two are about a year after the accutane and I only got the few little spots you can see there. I really wanted to get the treatment done because I did not want to end high school looking the way I did. Anyhow, let's just say it's not as clear as my skin was in grade 12 but's not as severe as what I used to have. It's just I keep getting alot more whiteheads and such in past three months then I used to and I don't understand why
  4. It sounds like they are closely related, but what does it mean if a cleanser has Sodium Laureth Sulfate? Should it not be used?
  5. It's just so annoying sometimes because you always have to remember where the whiteheads are under the shaving lather. Sometimes though I do cut them off accidentally. How should I handle those?
  6. How do you guys personally handle shaving and acne care? Like I always do this as a routine... -hot shower -cleanse my face because I dont wanna shave with dirt on my face -shaving CREAM(not gel because I dont want the drying out aspect of the alcolhol in it) -shave -rinse with hot water then a few splashes of cold water -pat dry, and apply aftershave Just wondering though if you guys use a specific aftershave, cream, or find a time to apply some BP at some point?
  7. Okay so for the past few months I've been having a problem with whiteheads but it's been sorta weird. I took accutane like 5 years ago and havn't had a problem but lately, I've been getting just a single whitehead at a time....except they are huge. Also whenever I've been getting them, it's like i could see them coming a whole two days before the pus filled part actually appeared, they were like little red mounds. It's just so weird because I never had this problem since grade 10 and all of a