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  1. is it ok if my derm lowered my dose to 40mg daily on my last month?
  2. can i use dans bp gel for my cysts while i am on accutane? i am really getting frustrated with this. this sucks that i am going to school with a fucked up face.iv been on accutane for 10 days i am taking 40mg daily.
  3. is claravis less effective than accutane i dont want to waste my time with something that is not going to work
  4. so which cetaphil product should i buy the one with sunscreen,the facial lotion or the moisturizing lotion
  5. do you mean the cetaphil moisture lotion or the one with spf 15
  6. i was wondering which moisturizer is best for dry skin. i have heard that Cetaphil is good but i hear that eucrin is really good too so i dont know which one
  7. yea i was using 10% clearasil ultra before when i put on the BP gel it doesnt sting but my skin is dry .should i keep on using the same amount?
  8. i`ve been on the regimen for a week and i noticed that i used too much BP. I used like a full finger of BP gel. i am wondering if i start using less will i break out.
  9. I have heard it is really good for acne problems. It is really cheap I am thinking about buying it
  10. i am breaking out bad i and i was wondering if i should buy on the spot until the bp gel arrives. i dont know how long it would take to arrive. i was thinking if its shiped from texas and i live in houston it will probably arrive soon.
  11. Is it normal to break out when you first start? I am breaking out on my chin really bad. I`ve been on the regimen for a week. I use Cetaphil gentle cleanser Pro activ BP and Olay mouisture lotion with spf15 I have moderate acne but my chin is really breaking out with big pimples. Is this normal?