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  1. DAY 5 Immature funny of the day: Skin rating: 7/10 Mood: 7/10 Thanks Jediv Skin has calmed a little from a bit of breakout yesterday, and no new spots this morning. The dryness is yet to really hit, perhaps in part due to the great weather we're having (unusually for England) and also due to the combined might of my Eucerin arsenal. I don't think I've had the renowned IB yet, or indeed felt the full force of any side effects, but this has been as gentle a start as I could have hope
  2. Hi, I'm also from the UK, and I literally got the accutane the day after my derm appointment! He wrote the prescription there and then, even before I'd had a blood test and I just went and picked it up from the hospital pharmacy the next day I booked my blood test the next day, got the results a couple of days later, and just started then. So the whole thing took like 4 days lol Are you getting it on the NHS as well? Guess it really must depend on area Oh and good luck to you as well!
  3. I just re-read what I wrote and realised my logs so far are a little light on info and heavy on ramble! I'll make sure to watch that Here's my routine: Morning Wash with Dan's cleanser (still got a load left from the regimen) Apply "Eucerin Dry Skin relief 5% Urea" Apply "Simple Hydrolotion spf 50" (really recommend this for anyone in the UK) Aquaphor for my lips Evening Dan's cleanser Eucerin Dry Skin relief Aquaphor Manuka Honey (every now and then) The manuka's honey's really
  4. Hey, I'm only at the early stages as well, but I'll have a go at answering some of your queries based on my experience Dry Lips - I heard great things about 'Aquaphor' by Eucerin before I started, so i ordered it from America, and it is indeed excellent. Imo an accutane essential. Dry face - I also use a Eucerin moisturiser "dry skin relief 5% Urea" which has kept my face nice and supple. I'm not sure where you live, but it's available in Boots in the UK Dry throat - This is a guess, but I w
  5. DAY 4 Quote of the day: "I am not a has-been. I am a will be" Lauren Bacall Skin rating: 6/10 Mood: 8/10 Firstly, I rudely didn't thank jediv or Xephex for commenting, so yeh, thanks I think you touched on a key thing about acne Xephex, the way it makes you put things off. I remember several times over the last few years when I thought "ok I'll wait till my acne goes away then I'll do that..." about a variety of things. Like I'd have say a prom a few months away, and I'd look towards t
  6. DAY 3 Quote of the day: "Whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right." Henry Ford Skin rating: 7/10 Mood: 8/10 Well technically its day 4 (it's 2am) but I'll let myself off. No significant side effects as yet Ok I'm going to take the plunge and post a picture. If someone I know actually made it this far and sees this, so be it. Excuse the vacant expression; it's a fairly terrible photo, but it was the one that showed up the scar on my right cheek the most. My skin looks
  7. Yo, just checking in Lol day 1 is a bit anticlimatic isn't it, just the precursor to what's to come. Eyedrops are definitely a good call, I'd forgotten them in my slightly haphazard Accutane preparations. I'll have to get some Good luck with your course!
  8. Hey, thanks for commenting. Looks like there'll be a parallel between our courses I'll be sure to check out yours
  9. Oh and just quickly.. Anyone know if there's a problem with the avatar picture system? I tried to upload one several time but it didn't work Thanks
  10. DAY 2 Quote of the day: "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. " Eleanor Roosevelt Skin rating: 7/10 Mood: Hopeful I've made some categories for myself as I thought they'd be interesting to look back on when I'm done
  11. I'm not sure if that type of title's been done to death already, it probably has .. but hey! It's fitting Hi everyone, welcome to the first day of the rest of my life I'll start with a quote because, well, I like quotes! I might even try starting every entry with one: "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." Abraham Lincoln I'm 19 now, I have a LOT of life stretched before me, so a tough few months isn't really much to endure. Whatever accuta
  12. Thanks for your help Sunny What do you reckon is a decent time to wait? Say in a week (making two weeks altogether using both) and I'm still breaking out should I just switch back to one of them? Does anyone know any science that says AHAs work well with retinoids? Sorry I'm good at spouting questions lol, but good advice will actually save my life
  13. Hi everyone, Basically any help from anyone who's used an AHA. I've used a retinoid (green cream) twice a day for the last month. During the first 2 weeks I broke out a fair bit, but i tolerated it as i knew it would happen. Then I was reasonably clear for a week or so. That is, until I starting using an AHA (alpha hydrox oil-free) during the day and the green cream at night. That was a week ago, and although my skin had a nice glow for a day or two, I've broken out a fair amount since then.