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Is There No Cure?

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  1. Yup, that's close to what I have except mine's just around the cheeks; I would describe it as having red batwings on my face. The redness causes a high contrast with my dark eye cirlces, making them look even darker. i think it's rosacea but like I said, my derm thinks otherwise. He said even if it is rosacea, the problem will be treated the same way with lasers. The lasers are expensive and my parents are also hesitant about the option. Right now he's prescribing me Adapalene which doesn't se
  2. I have the exact same problem. I think I got it since getting off Accutane but i'm not sure, probably the excessive use of BP or whatnot. My Dermatologist has also said the same thing, that my skin is inflamed from previous acne breakouts and the blood vessels under my skin have broken resulting in a redness that looks like Asian flush, sunburn or Rosacea. The symptoms are similar to that of Rosacea, my skin feels hot, blush easily and is constantly red. It goes lighter once I sleep but during
  3. Good skin/face has a higher ranking than physique. I have a better physique than alot of pretty boys out there, real life or models but they get the attention cause they're good-looking, unblemished. I've also thought about it, would I trade my current physique for one that's not so ideal and in return get an unblemished complexion? I don't know how to answer that cause I can't change the scarring and redness nor can i guarantee that another pimple will come back after Accutane, or that if it'
  4. What? Are you sure? Maybe she was dating someone else and wasn't available for him. That's weird... Yeah, she was dating other guys and had no interest in him, whatsoever. I still think she's only with him now because she was desperate after fucking up every other relationship she's ever had by cheating. She'll probably do the same to him and he deserves it, but...I still feel like crap about the whole being dumped for someone else thing. That's never happened to me before. I'm alw
  5. Bigger deltoids, pectorals, obliques and finish off the abs - hitting the gym at least 4 times a week and intensive rowing training daily for the U-team Play the songs by my favourite artist on the guitar - playing daily Clear up the acne. - on Accutane. more knowledgeable. - reading anything I can, magazines, news articles, wiki. volunteer at SPCA. - They haven't called back yet, i'm assuming they didn't get my application. Yeah well those are my goals this summer and I've already taken steps
  6. I don't like it. Facebook, the name itself makes me feel embarassed cause I have to put my face on it and it's full of pictures...
  7. I have both lol. Braces are now seen as a good thing, people that see you with braces know that you're concerned about your appearance and want to fix it/ make it better so it's something that's gradually looked up upon. I also carry a Macbook so braces + acne + macbook; oh yeah i'm a Freshman. Ouch. It's worth it though... on Accutane so once that's done, and the braces off....damn i can't wait.
  8. Psychosis is a possible side-effect. Talk to your derm asap.
  9. what kind of cream are you using for you lips? My derm started me right off at 40mg. Guess she wasn't so concerned about the safety. lol jk. Are you taking anything for your joints too?
  10. Overall, better EQ. I've gained: a liking or even addiction for sports and gym a better sense for fashion understand messages and emotions conveyed by other people where as some cannot - seem to be more sensitive to emotions stronger mindset - i've survived this far with acne, all that depression and the other problems haven't driven me down yet; i'm a stronger person. ability to analyse and understand people more - their emotions, personalities and purposes. greater sympathy for things greater
  11. On my second month now. Isotretinoin branded as Oratane. First month - 20mg Second Month - 40mg. My derm wanted me to go low on it first to make it safer. Skin isn't very dry but my lips are and they are VERY dry. I get cracks when i laugh or yawn, it's hella painful and looks bad. I'm getting back pain and a little joint pain so working out is kinda tough.
  12. It also seems that cosmetic stores all have good lighting so i never want to walk in to buy a moisturizer or facial cleanser cause if i walk in my ugliness is amplified tenfold. If i must walk through good white light, i keep my head down and never turn my head; acne sucks but it does, as mentioned above, who's an asshole and who's not.