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  1. Ok first off you have to ask yourself this question "do you suffer from constipation?" if you don't then you might wanna bypass this thread all together. Ok i go toilet as in poo like once every 3-5 days, now i'm thinking this is'nt healthly and that i should be going every day if not like every other day. I read all over the net that if you don't go toilet reguarly then your body reabsorbes the toxins and that it gives you acne. I believe this as it also states it effects other areas and put
  2. well i'm going to be taking 5g of b5 a day for a month then lower the level to just 1g a day. I strongly disagree that you need to take 10g a day just to make your acne right...i think once you give your body enough of the vitamin for long enough you can lower the dosage 2 fold.
  3. Well i'm gonna be taking 2g daily, i don't care if this stuff cures acne...NOTHING is good when you have to take 20 a day people!!.
  4. Ok i'm still very much in a clear state, i did break-out abit...but that was due to a weekend of heavy drinking.Now on thursday i'm clear again Only thing that seems to break me out is alcohol atm. I'm still taking 20mg - morning 20mg - meal 20mg - before sleep
  5. Mmhmm. I read you ought to take 1 mg of copper for every 15 mg of zinc. I take 5 mg copper and 45 mg zinc. (My multi-vitamin has 15 mg zinc and 5 mg copper and I take a 30 mg zinc supplement at night). Other people have been commenting on how good my skin has been looking. I think it's working.
  6. Ok i've been taking zinc 60mg for a week now, i've been drinking like 20-30 cups of water a day and i'm now like 98% clear. It's either the water that's cleared me BIG BIG BIG BIIIIIG TIME, or the fact i must have a very low zinc intake..so taking zinc has basically got me 98% clear?.
  7. Hey does anyone know any online websites that list "50mg Zinc" cause here in the UK i can only find 25mg zinc from "holland and barretts".
  8. Ok i've searched these forums and can't seem to find a straight awnser to my question. How much Zinc do i have to take daily for it to help with my acne?, as in what level of zinc in mg is the most successful with treating acne?. I've heard diffrent people say 25mg,50mg...i've even heard 100mg. It's just i think this could help, but i've heard too much zinc can have after effects, so here i am to find out the best way about taking zinc daily for my acne. Thankyou
  9. I'm 100% the same as you here, apart from going to sleep that long.I do come home from work and sleep though and i don't wake up till the next morning. Looks like your doctor has given you false information....this does happen though, but where candida is concerned...it's not rubbish and your doctor should know better than that. If you do some research you will find that today's medical knowledge acepts that you can get candida...but doesn't know the full effects of having candida overg
  10. Well like it say's in this thread mate, if ya spit is stringy after ya spit in water then ya got candida.... An even easier way to find out is this...get some saliva in ya mouth...if it's slimy,thick,or lumpy ya have candida...no need to spit in water. my spit is like water in my mouth, it's 100% clear of thickness,lumps,gooey....hope you understand what i mean....if i was to spit on the floor it would look like water becuase it's that clear and not thick...it's like water baby. Rated R
  11. Still enjoying clear skin myself, with the ODD break-out cause i do STILL drink ALOT of alcohol and i STILL have sugar...but not alot...so the odd break-out isn't any surprize to me. I remain a CONSTANT 95% clear.
  12. You guys/gals make this sound more complicated than what it is...just TRY what i'm trying atm and your be clear...i still eat sugar that's in some things...but not much... i also have toast and crisp and what not.... If i thought i had to eat like a rabbit or whatever to stop acne...then i wouldn't.