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  1. I normally shave at night, but was wondering if shaving in the morning is better for your skin..? Or does it not matter at all? Thanks.
  2. Well if I can remember right proactive really worked for my acne, it just made my skin more oily and dry.
  3. http://www.drugstore.com/qxp87252_333181_s...tion_spf_20.htm That is the face lotion I have been using. It says it doesn't block pores... I do not use it on my entire face though either, just places were it is dry. I just found that on the back of the 3 in 1 acne treatment it says "we recommend the following oil free acne stress control products with the 3 in 1..." Power foam wash and power clear scrub. So I am guessing these two products are made to go hand in hand with eachother... What
  4. I just bought the acne stress control 3 in 1 hydrating acne treatment. Do you guys think it would be fine to use both the foam wash and this together. Like using the foam wash then afterwards using the hydrating acne treatment? Thanks.
  5. Ok thanks guys. How long does doxycillin usually take to start working? Also I have been using this as a cleanser http://www.drugstore.com/qxp163360_333181_...r_foam_wash.htm Along with that I have been using a men's neutrogena face lotion. What do you guys think of the cleanser? Thanks again.
  6. Hi, I am 16 years old and throughout my life I have had the occasional pimple pop up here and there, but it was nothing to serious. About 6 months ago I was using Proactive, which worked but made my face very oily and pretty dry. So I went to the dermatologist and he gave me Doxycillin and Sodium Sulfacetamide 10% and Sulfur 5% lotion. I used that and it seemed like it cleared everything up. I was using a neutrogena face wash as well. But then I realized having to use proactive for my
  7. Hi, I have pretty mild acne, atleast I think so. I have been using the acnezine 2.5 Benoxyl Peroxide cream in the morning along with the Neutrogena Salicylic acid power foam wash. After using both it seems my skin gets really dry. At night I just use neutrogena and neutrogena face lotion which doesnt dry out my skin. So should I just stop using the acnezine stuff and just use the stuff I use at night? Thanks and by the way I shave my face at night too, don't know if that makes a difference.
  8. Well I'm not sure about it being a scam, it literally just came out so that may be why there are no reviews. But I'll let you know how it goes, seems very promising to me though.
  9. Well all acne products work better for other people, there are obvisiously tons to chose from. I just ordered Chris Gibson's Ginale Skin care treatment, which seems promising. I am using acnezine right now which is ok. I will let you know how the ginale works for me, you should check it out though. The site is myginale.com I think.
  10. Well I ordered it. I will let you guys know how it works for me.
  11. So I am not sure. The product is 70 dollars so it's not the cheapest thing, but if it works it of course is. But what do you guys think of trying this product and still doing the Acnezine along with it. Maybe the combination of the two could work wonders..
  12. Well I'm so used to eating a ton of actual food! haha. I got through the first day but the morning of the second day I got really sick and had to eat. I might try it again sometime though. Okay well I'm not sure if it needs to be in conjuction with the fast, it just might work better. I think as long as you eat healthy it will work. But anyways right now I have been using Acnezine for about a month, and it seems like its working pretty well. But I was going to maybe do both since acnezi
  13. Yeah I read the book, I tried doing the apple detox but I was unable to go through with it. But yeah the Ginale stuff seems legit, but I'm not sure about it. Oh Btw what is BP?
  14. Come on with 177 views not one person could give me an input on this product or anything....