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  1. Many of you suffering with acne and acne scars know the importance of being in good lighting. Bright and unflattering directional fluorescent lighting casts terrible shadows on the face, drawing attention to scars, etc. and is much less flattering than the traditional incandescent lightbulbs. Now the US and Europe are banning the low-wattage incandescent bulbs in order to jumpstart the fluorescent light industry. The supposed environmental benefits of the fluorescent lights are questionable,
  2. Recently I had a few rounds of silicone microdroplets to treat depressed acne scars in various places on my face. It definitely improved the appearance of the scars and I am happy about that. However, in one area underneath my eye where the silicone was used to treat the depressed acne scar, I now constantly feel the silicone underneath my left eye to the point where it is a nuisance. I always feel a substance (the silicone filler) under my eye. Is it at all possible to perhaps move that sili
  3. Need a doctor in southern California who has extensive experience with silicone microdroplet injections for treating acne scars.
  4. 5FU is not a steroid and does not carry the same risk of atrophy. Is the 5FU being used in combination with cortisone? Unfortunately doctors will always say they never see any indents from their own work. They will always say they use just a small amount. Only let them use 2.5% or less concentration! If they can't tell you exactly what concentration they use, find someone else.
  5. I assume you mean "if the pimple or cyst was meant to leave a scar..." In any case, you are wrong about this. The cortisone injection-related indents are NOT scars but rather fat cell shrinkage. Of course no one wants either, but permanent scars are much harder to fix. Leaving a cyst to linger around for weeks and weeks increases the chance of deep scarring... as the inflamed cysts have a tendency to "eat away" at our tissue leaving depressed scars. Steroid injections rapidly get rid of the
  6. I am in the same situation as you guys. Over the last year I got VERY regular cortisone injections in many places on my face to reduce acne cysts. The steroid shots were very effective in reducing the size of the cysts in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, after a month or so after some injections I would start noticing my skin caving in in the areas where I had some (not all) injections. I REALLY, REALLY hope these indentations aren't permanent. The way I looked at getting the shots:
  7. Wow, is there any evidence of this? Or is it just hypothetical? Dr. Sam Lam in Dallas is very experienced with silicone, and I believe he thinks it's okay to have other fillers after silicone... as well as laser procedures.
  8. Any new information about whether BP can cause premature aging? It's the only topical that works well for me, and I do not want to go on Accutane.
  9. Thanks for the response. Happy to hear you've had a lot of success with the scar correction. I don't mean to be greedy, but would you happen to have any pictures of yourself without the flash? Sometimes it seems like flash can make scarring look better because the lighting is diffused and reduces shadows on the face. Directional lighting that casts shadows often makes scarring look the worst. That your scarring was as apparent as it was in your before picture that was taken with flash reall
  10. TO A COLDDAVEINHELL: Thank you so much for sharing your experience and pictures. There is such a dramatic difference between your before and after pictures. Congratulations on your improvement! Was your before picture taken using your camera's flash? Likewise, was your most recent after picture taken with or without flash? It's not that I'm skeptical, it is just that I've seen so many pictures in the past that have been able to make scarring look better or worse with different lighting, an
  11. I am considering silicone micro-droplets to treat my rolling acne scars, because I have been inspired by some peoples' success with this procedure. I am concerned however, because I've had juvederm and restylane in the past to try and fill in the scars but had little success because the filler seemed to settle around many of the scars in a donut effect. Although a few scars did get filled in nicely with these temporary fillers, most scars look a little more pronounced after the fillers, possib
  12. I saw a post of yours where you mention 5_FU injections for raised scars. I am very interested to hear about your experience with 5_FU injections for raised scars. I live in southern California, and am hoping to find a doctor with experience treating these kinds of scars. Thank you for any information you can share!!

  13. I am considering silicone micro-droplet injections for acne scars.... Does anyone know of any experienced dermatologists who perform microdroplet silicone injections for acne scars in Florida that they can recommend? Thanks for any information you can provide.
  14. has this been others' experience? that temporary fillers work just as good as silicone? (other than the temporary/permanent aspect). Do the non-permanent fillers give the same results and work in the same way as silicone microdroplets?
  15. Hi! Actually, I was on antibiotics at the time of the procedure. I read about others having similar flare-ups after the procedure. I wish you the best with your procedure, but caution you against feeling too optimistic. I have yet to see any pictures of any members on here who experienced real acne scar improvement with the re:pair. As far as the downtime goes, I'd say I was red for about 3 months. Women can probably wear makeup after a week or so. Re:pair is nothing like the re:store.