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  1. ok so im about a month and a half post accutane and it did wonders on my face no real scaring and 1 or 2 read marks... my body acne on the other hand got much much worse than it ever has been i had some many huge cyst pimples it was disgusting... i still am not completly clear on my body and have 3 or 4 active pimples right now on top of horrible scaring i was wondering if there is anything i can do for the scaring and also how to make the minimal breakouts to stop... my back seems like will fad
  2. Ok so i am into my 7th month on accutane i have been taking 80mg a day other than the first month i took 40... well my face is completly clear i haven t had a pimple on it since about the start of the 4th month... the problem is that my bacne is worse than it has ever been... i had never had cystic back acne and now i have it everywhere and i am still getting new pimples on my back and chest everyday it is very discouraging So i was wondering if maybe someone knows why this is happening... lik
  3. Ok im very new to this, i just got my percripstion today and am veru happy to start, but my next derm vistit isnt for 33days, which means that if i start today i wouldn t be able to take my next pill untill i went to back to the derm... basically my ? is it ok to be off of it for 3 days so early in the treatment or do you think i should just wait 3 days and then start takin it?
  4. Ok so just got back form the derm and got want i wanted accutane( hopefully this finally clears me up)... anyways i was just wondering what are some things i am going to need to keep from drying to much? Will i really need to avoid the sun that much cause i love the sun... Also what is your regiman do you just pretty much take the pill no other type of washing of anykind other then showering of course...
  5. thanks to everyone for answering and helping me out... i mean i know that accutane is so extreme and all but i just feel like i am wasting my time with things that aren t really helping
  6. Ok so im 19 years old have had acne since i was 14 and really am sick of it lol... my main problem is with body acne and very stubborn face whiteheads that keep coming back in the same spot... i go to the derm may 15, and i think that i am going to ask to go on accutane nothing else seems to work i have taken most everything you can think of proactive, dans, retin-a, differin,doxy nothin works currently: body Panoxyl bar 10% bp 2.5 % face bp 2.5% minocycle 100mg 2x differin .03 at night FACE- B