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  1. I'll keep this short. My account is registered in 2008 but I have lurked since the inception of this board, back in 2002? I think. I don't care for any debate, I'm moving on to the next stage of my life, so I won't reply here. I feel though like I owe a note to this community. Personal history: 1. Lifelong acne (18-41 y/o) 2. Excessive sebum secretion 3. Pronounced family history of acne Medication: Prolonged intake (6 yrs) of isotretinoin (accutane). Did not cure me, improved some aspec
  2. Vegetarian doesn't include dairy. Is milk a plant or an animal product? And yes to flushing and herbs, but not before clearing the base for six months. I for example ingest a special clay - it regulates the pH of the body/blood. People are on autopilot for a quick pill/herb fix without handling the fundamentals.The fundamentals are hard. Sugar withdrawal is way worse than nicotine withdrawal. I've been through both. Hi, I haven't looked at your post history so I don't know your speci
  3. WTF. I certainly didn't expect 265 pages in your thread, I skimmed through the first page I just went back and noticed this thread is three years old, so the OP might not even be around anymore. Anyway. To whom it may concern I am radikal. In a previous life I took isotretinoin (accutane) for like 6 years. I stopped 8 years ago. I have permanent side effects (cervical spine modifications - hyperostosis - all vertebrae are joined and I can hardly move my neck). You can go back through the
  4. Ha. I may have remembered the magnitude wrong. Might be 70.
  5. Guys, I will make my annual statement on this topic, at the wise old age of 40. There is nothing sane to do with this affliction short of acceptance - at least for now. The only thing that works (if only while you're on it) is isotretinoin - but the collateral damage from long term use is not something you can rationalize, however young and brash and wanting to live your life you are. Back in 2004-2006 when I was doing exactly what yo do know I was like "fuck it - I'll take my chances". So s
  6. How much did you take and for how long? Years. For long term side effects the cumulative dose is relevant (ranging 0.1-1 mg/kg/day if you must know). Higher range when I battled cystic acne, lower range when controlling sebum. Wrt sebum control results only last as long as you're on the drug.
  7. I'm coming out of the woodwork to remind you boys and girls that isotretinoin shouldn't be taken for sebum control. I continue to pay the price for doing the very same. Skeletal modifications now extend to the joints of my hands, besides the neck and lower back. I'm doing my best to scare you off, though I know it's futile.
  8. @MikeLev: thickness wasn't affected much as I have thick hair to begin with. Rapidly receding hairline in the temple area is permanent though. However I recently began shaving my head so I no longer care. Easily takes 10 years off my apparent age I am told, so it's a win. I will get back on B5 with ALCAR as a catalyst, a protocol supported by this MD here: http://www.drdach.com/Acne_B5.html
  9. can anyone else attempt to replicate the results of this study? I will do the same when I get more ALCAR.
  10. This is probably the first news item that makes me see some sort of light down the road. I have an unshaken belief the root cause of genetic acne is some sort of lipase metabolism disorder COMBINED with a hyper-keratinization disorder. If they're considering approval of gene therapy then they must have worked out a less dangerous viral vector. I'll look into getting tested for fat metabolism disorders (which are not that uncommon).
  11. @tritonxiv: My take on the range of severities: a) mild acne, acne vulgaris: may or may not be genetical, more likely not. It wouldn't make sense otherwise as upwards to 90% of teens are affected, it must be hormonal (DHT, etc) b) adult acne (> 25y/o), cystic acne at any age - definitely genetic. c) over-production of sebum - definitely genetic (just like with seborheea in Parkinson's).
  12. Of course they exist. They just have no bearing on acne. This is the part I don't get: I give you links to actual research into the genetics of acne. I propose of mecanism of action (which may or may not be right). You invalidate that (or not, if your mom did have acne and never got around to telling you). But let's assume you invalidate my hypothesis. The actual RESEARCH I linked to is still as valid as it was before my hypothesis. Then you start talking allergies. How exactly did we get the
  13. Well, we shouldn't multiply at all then...how are you going to "test later", more kids? You're shooting down the only "acne-free" copulation with your own existence and then you talk food allergies? What is wrong with you people, no, really? Deeep in denial? Can't handle the truth? Brain-washed by Cordain? All three? Have you considered for a moment that the conclusion of his Kitavan study is flawed? That they're genetically isolated and did not fuck anyone outside their gene pool? So tired of
  14. I made a limited effort to substantiate my statements and also learned something new in the process. Older research from 2002 (which I read back then but did not keep an index to): http://www.nature.co...l/5603340a.html And newer (2009) and very interesting finding: http://www.nature.co...jid200947a.html the take-away being: "A genetic background is suggested, with mother's acne history being the most important prognostic factor". which is entirely aligned with my family's experience,
  15. Yes the useful bit is just the OP, the only one that has any bearing on the thread topic. But look below at the stream of unrelated spam that followed, culminating with a kid telling me to fast 2 weeks and see if I still get acne. Kid, if you're 21 or younger, I've had acne for longer than you've been alive. I'm not on a mission to make teenagers with poor reasoning to agree with me, or anyone else...but it's a mockery of the word "Research" to allow them to comment...when they're hardly qua