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  1. i have a bad bump on my nose that i got the electric needle for..helped it go down a little but nothing major. prob goin in for it again once i clear up
  2. aczone is an anti-inflammatory so there is no breakout period
  3. ive been on aczone and minocycline since november and im still breaking out. broke out pretty bad at points and starting to get really bad again. no miracle for me lol
  4. not sure where everyone heard about an initial breakout period with doxy and other antibiotics but my doctor said it wouldnt get worse before better. i was on doxy for 3 months and i didnt get worse before better. didnt get much better either though..just kept me under control to a certain extent. but i did get cystic breakouts in the last week of taking it and when i switched to a different antibiotic. hope that helps.
  5. the main thing i found this product does is keep acne from becoming fully inflamed..unless u miss the spot where your skin breaks out or its a severe break out, aczone tends to keep it from ever becoming full blown. it doesnt quite remove the breakout but ull either see it just flake off when washing your face or just go straight to a hyperpigmentation, but not nearly as bad as if it was recovering from a popped pimple.
  6. ive been on it for almost 2 months now. it doesnt do much for cysts..nothing really does if they blow up. for normal acne its pretty good..can usually stop a breakout if its not a cyst. as for me...i have a terrible blackhead problem and pretty much nothing has helped that, even this aczone stuff. if u have nonsevere acne id definitely recommend this product, ive been on prescription products for almost 4 years now and this has probably been the best. for cysts/severe acne however, i dont thin
  7. im using it right now. apparently its new so not too many people have used it yet probably
  8. well thats good news haha does it say anything about it?
  9. idk how it works with depressed scars.. but yeah it should probably scab. and honestly u know its not acne and it will get better so try not to kill yourself over it
  10. i had needling done on raised scars on monday.. at this point the redness is has mostly turned into normal scabbing. my derm said week-10 days back to normal..just dont touch anything and go about your normal regimen.
  11. so were you happy with the results? and how long did it take for your skin to go back to normal?
  12. id say it only looks bad because of the redness..which makes it look like u extracted some stuff out of it and if people are actually coming up to u and saying your nose looks awful then thats just mean
  13. yeah thats exactly what it is. the derm burned the skin with a needle so when the skin grows back it comes in flatter. howd it work for you?
  14. i honestly dont see the point in fixing scars like those..they really dont look bad to me i have raised scars on my nose. when u get those then ur fucked lol
  15. i used tazorac localized on my nose since july for blackheads/redmarks/scars not much of an initial breakout.. some blackheads went a little wild but thats about it had a derm appt monday and the doctor was surprised tazorac didnt get rid of all my blackheads, cause i still have a shit load if anything there was a minor improvement..nothing huge. blackheads are still there, one brown mark is still there, and the bump/scar i had from a cyst didn't go down much. i was using duac and doxy in co