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  1. My son has been acne free for 1 1/2 years, unfortunately he started to break out again primarily on his forehead. He is on duac in the am & differin 0.3 at night. The derm. switched his differin to tazorac. Will he have another IB on tazorac like he did on differin??? He's also been put back on minocycline to help clear him up.
  2. twin

    Differin Log!

    Hi Jazy My son has been on differin 0.3 for well over a year now. He uses it only a night & sometimes he uses duac in the am when he has a pimple which is very rare now. It is a SLOW process & you may have an IB. He did around week 7 then all of a sudden things really started to clear up. He was also on minocycline 100mg 2x day for about 9 months or so. What kind of facial wash are you using? My son also takes probiotics which is good bacteria and vitamin E which helps heal. Life
  3. My niece just received a sample of tri-luma cream from her derm for hyperpigmentation on her back & chin post acne. Has anyone used this before? Results? She continues to use taz on her face and uses panoxyl wash on her back . Can she use the tri-luma cream in conjunction with taz on her face? You all have been a great help with all my other posts. thank you.
  4. WOW you look GREAT. I'm so happy for you. When you find out what you can do for the spots/stains, please lmk
  5. My son's been on differin for 1 year now & is completely clear.....i hope you have the same success. He uses olay gentle foaming wash with aloe. it's 100% fragrance, oil free & dye free. He really likes it. Yes, you will need to moisturize. Differin is drying.
  6. My son has been on differin 0.3 for about 1 year now. He was also on mino for 6-8 months. He did have an initial breakout around week 7-8 then he really started to clear at a fast rate. He's off the mino but continues with differin at night & is now on duac in the am (topical antibiotic) His skin looks great. He also takes vitamin E, C & probiotics to keep good bacteria in his body. Just remember, you have to be very patient with differin. You will see a difference in a few weeks.
  7. I completely agree with electric_feel. My son's derm said to just stop the mino but after reading many many posts on this website I decided it would be best for him to taper off & it worked out really well. Please consider weaning off & not coming to a complete halt k?
  8. He's been off since January this year. When he ended the mino he was prescribed Duac which is benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin and is a topical antibiotic (takes the place of oral antibiotics) in the morning & the differin 0.03 at night. He washes am & pm with olay gentle foaming wash with aloe, sensitive skin which nice and gentle. I hope this helps you!
  9. You should wean yourself off the mino. Maybe 1 every other day. My son was on mino for about 6-8 months @ 100mg 2x daily. When he started to wean he took 100mg 1x day for a few weeks then 1 every other day. He's now only on topicals, duac in the morning & differin 0.03 at bedtime. He is completely acne free. He does take vitamin E, C, probiotics (for good bacteria). I wish you lots of luck.
  10. From my son's experience it took 7-8 weeks to see a considerable improvement then after that things quickly started to look up for him He's been on 0.03 for about 1 year now. Although he does get an occasional pimple it quickly goes away (he's 16 & the hormones are still raging). My son's been using the gel. He does apply a little more than the recommended "pea" size just so he can cover his whole face. As for blackheads, he still has some on his nose. Here's another tidbit.....change yo
  11. Yes, yogurt will definitely work. My son's not a big fan so he just takes "Pearls" they're a probiotic that does not need to be refrigerated & they're very easy to take. We change his pillow case to keep things around his face nice and clean.
  12. You have to be patient. It sometimes takes 2-3 months to see improvement with mino. My son was on mino for about 5-6 months. He weaned himself off of it to see how his face was going to react & he's doing really well. He's been off mino for about 6 months now & his face looks really good. He only gets 1-2 pimples now but they go away very quickly cuz he's using duac in the am & differin .03 at night. You may have the dreaded initial breakout but it wont last. It also helps to
  13. I agree with Wynne. You really have to give mino/differin at least 2-3 months. My son was on that combination & we saw considerable results in 7 weeks. Unfortunately you may have an initial breakout but it wont last just be patient. Who knows, you may not have one. A little tidbit that helped my son: Take probiotics. You should replace good bacteria in your body when taking any type of antibiotic. Also, he changed his pillow case every other night. BTW it's been 1 year & he look
  14. Whenever you're on an antibiotic you should be taking a probiotic to get good bacteria into your body. Check out "Pearls" they're a probiotic that does not need to be refrigerated & they are so tiny & easy to take. Good luck