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  1. just saw pics bed intruder posted from 3yrs ago vs now. Vastly improved. I think you have to be realistic about what the fraxel did to your skin. If I met you in person, I'd really doubt I'd pick you as having significant skin problems.
  2. @ nessie01 you have to remember that the collagen rebuilding process can go for up to 6 months. Had a look at your gallery and pretty impressed that after 10 days your skin looked like it was back to normal again. to be honest, thought from your pics that your skin was really good.
  3. this is my thread. wow. But I've got it much worse than the OP so... yeah, I've spent thousands. It sucks.
  4. went through that myself awhile back. Obviously all that damaged skin is going to slough off andregenerate. Please post back with pics down the line. All the best and eat a lot of green leafy veg! I'm asian and I did fraxel repair and no hyperpigmentation here. Although another dermatologist said that the prolonged redness was hyperpigmentation but I reckon that was bullshit. good luck
  5. I posted my fraxel repair photos (since removed and I've also deleted all the photos off my HDD - wonder if I should have done that) but I thought it did work. My skin looked like roadkill after so it really did just slog off. But I gotta say, the 2 months of being redfaced and sunburnt was horrible. Having to go to work and everyone thinking WTF is up with him wasn't pleasant. YMMV. ' my problem however was pores and skin depression. Pores = no effect. Depression = fixed with perm filler.
  6. gotta say for years, I've had a mildish depression on the tip of my nose which really depressed me. *duh... but I went and saw a cosmetic dermatologist here in sydney, and after requesting filler - and going down the fraxel restore --> repair route, finally had aquamid and that has really changed things. Its now looks much better and I'm no longer picked about looking like there's a depression on the nose which downlights can catch. However you swap one problem for another and my pores have
  7. I don't get negative people like you. yuck.
  8. its a cream for preventing/removing hyperpigmentation. I have it here in australia. You can use it but the contradictions on it is no prolonged used (read the paper that comes with it). I had no issues using it but the I didn't use it for more than 3 weeks? (to prevent hyperpigmentation). The cream also had mild saliclic acid to promote skin turnaround/reneweal.
  9. Go see a dermatologist. Get a decent skin care kit. Redness fades over time. Textural problems are another problem. again, see a dermatologist.
  10. as above. I posted a couple of year (1.5 year) ago that I had fraxel repair done to get rid of the indented scarring from an earlier laser (to remove a raised mole) - well, after x no. of nights of staring at my skin in the mirror because it was hard not to, I went and saw a cosmetic/plastic surgeon and he injected aquamid. Process: 1. injected anesthesia 2. the needle went in and the filler was injected. It hurt a lot and I teared up a fair bit. right now: some swelling. The filler is definit
  11. hi, wanted to jump on and say, congrats on the before and after. The new current pics are about a 60% improvement imo. When I had to jump back and look at your before pics, they sure were sort of hard to look at. Still, the improvement to your skin is great. I guess getting past the initial "wtf do I look like all burnt and messed up" is worth it! Chin up. I'm happy for you.
  12. I doubt the repair caused a disease like vitiligo. However. WTF?! I'm so sorry to hear about this bizarre turn of event for you. Sometimes you really think, life can be so random and cruel and bizarre. still, you care to post some pics of your fraxel / pre/post op?
  13. DENSITY imo is a key issue that hardly ever gets talked about. The whole point of fractionated laseri is the support healthy skin that assists the damaged skin to heal. I think this is the reason why I had some mixed results from my fraxel repair as the density was so much that the skin crusted as badly as it did (skin around the area that was heavily densely treated was completely obliterated) you can see the "fraxellated" area vs the obliterated zone of skins as it was healing. http://i33.
  14. I'm single. Everyone thinks I'm gay. One of my best mates said to me "its alright to like boys you know". I use makeup because I sort of have to or I can't get through my day. I loathe myself. can't believe I just wrote that. no one knows. /sad
  15. If you think you know me, please don't send this around and embarass me please. :S with my luck though, I expect this to happen so. I wrote this.. and I post this in the interest of helping others so please don't use this to embarass me. :S enough of a wreck as it is. I'm looking at some of the other day 33 (that's like 4 weeks later photos) and the splotchiness/redness skin horribleness is SO bad. The side shots and some of the other shots in different lighting are nasty. I don't know how I got