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  1. i use dr roller, which i got off ebay.once every 4-5 weeks with the 1.5mm, once a week in between with the 0.5mm with topical vit c. nice swelling and redness to cheeks, left cheek seems quite smoothed out except for the deeper isolated ice pick scarring. right cheek somehow not responding. been doing this for abt 2 months. before that i'd gotten a 2mm session at a dermatologist many months ago and didn't note any response.
  2. Ok- I'd given the dermaroller another go. The self-needling took away most, of the more prominent larger scars on the left of the cheek. The scars on the right(enlarged pores, large shallow ones) did not seem to respond. Have been dermarolling once a month for two months using a 1.5mm dermaroller. Once a week in between, i use a 0.5mm dermaroller with topical vitamin C as seems to be the practice for the ladies on essentialdayspa. Other than a nice redness on my cheeks after and a general smoo
  3. i had 5 treatments and didn't notice any change on the pores. the before/after photos for 'laser peel' look every encouraging though: http://www.sloaneclinic.com/english/theski...inlaserpeel.asp the website said nothing about what sort of laser it is but i like how smooth the skin seemingly becomes!
  4. thank you for posting this.i was thinking of doing the same thing. self-needled some of my scars yesterday and noticed that the icepicks didn't respond. actually they look worse since the skin around it is swollen and elevated but the ice picks maintained the same level of depression. thought i'd include tca the next time round but was hesitant considering how inflamed the surrounding skin was. on a positive note, what you see as hypertrophic scars normally subside and become mostly level with
  5. no- i wouldn't go on the beach! for me it's more the risk of hyperpigmentation than anything else.went on the beach a good 5 -6 months after my last treatment.
  6. I recomend you to use Retin A micro before going to bed. Apply think layer. Rub it into the skin using your fingger. My skin was sensative to Retin A but it's getting better. No break outs anymore. Day time, use mama lotion or nucelle mendalic serum. Don't forget to use sunscreen over it. Wait for about 15 mins before you apply. Once your face is cleared of acne, go for dermarolling.
  7. Thanks Walnut! retin-a made my skin very sensitive(gets red and itchy on sun exposure). will give the roller another go, although will try the home-use roller instead. the 2mm was really the most painful treatment i'd ever done(i had numbing cream). are those enlarged pores really ice pick scarring? thanks again!