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  1. Hey Stararies I recently ran out of DKR supplies, so I had to use some of my old Proactiv stuff. I was AMAZED to find that if you just use a basic mild cleanser (cetaphil or something will work) with the Proactiv repairing lotion you will have awesome results. I'm actually going to experiment using just the repairing lotion, because I did that all this week and my skin is not only 100% clear, but nicely toned. Good luck!
  2. I weight train and do cardio Monday-Saturday, and Sunday is my day off. And I know what you're thinking, "that's too much," but it really isn't for me haha
  3. Hey man I'm a fashion/body model, and I lift two hours a day plus cardio, and working out has never caused me to break out. I've been clear with Dan's Regimen for months now, and no matter how hard I work out I never break out. Maybe it's just me though Good luck with the skin though
  4. zaabaz- I've been on the Regimen for a few months now, and I've been 100% clear since about a week after I started. I just do EXACTLY what Dan does in his videos, never touch my face, and use a shaving oil so I don't get ingrowns or anything like that. To tell you the truth, I don't even remember the last time I had a pimple, and now everyone knows me as the guy with perfect skin hahaha! Hope that helps! Ps- you can look at my profile if you want to see my pictures
  5. I've seen people with cysts before, and that doesn't look like a cyst. That is something a lot worse... PLEASE go to the doctor! Creed
  6. Sarah Kate, You are beautiful, first of all. This guy likes you, so he doesn't see what you see when you look in the mirror. Trust me on this one. Go and have fun! Creed
  7. Hey! That sucks to hear about your apartment, but good luck with The Regimen! Since I started Dan's Regimen my skin is clear. If you want to see pictures, just go to my profile and check out the topic "Dan's Regimen Works--Pictures/Proof." Good luck! Creed
  8. Whoooooooa! Whole lotta man bashing goin on here! Believe it or not, there are a lot of guys like this out there, you just haven't found em yet!
  9. Bluee- I used the products on acne.org-- I figured I should use exactly what Dan did if I wanted the best results. MasterCheif- Hahaha I get that a lot. I was even asked to pretend to be John Cena for a little girl's birthday party
  10. Well, I had what they called in my profession "stubborn adolescent acne." Basically stubborn whiteheads and blackheads with a few deeper cyst-like blemishes. It was terrible, let me tell ya. But no more
  11. You'd be surprised actually. Most people I worked with had TERRIBLE skin because they relied on getting airbrushed all the time.
  12. Duchamp- I've never really had cystic acne, but a few of my friends have had to deal with it. BP and The Regimen will not really help you if you have cystic acne. I learned though that the only way around deep cystic acne is Accutane, or DRASTIC changes to your lifestyle (diet, exercise, etc.) Sorry to hear that though
  13. No problem! Well, I'd say it took around a week for ME to start noticing any real results. After two weeks, my skin was TOTALLY clear, and it's been that way ever since. One of my best friends noticed, and I told him what I was using. He got on The Regimen, but he didn't see any results for OVER two months. If you haven't seen results yet, I'm fairly certain you will. Just be patient! Good luck!!! Creed
  14. Hey everyone- I've read a lot of threads about people who are REALLY discouraged or even hesitant about starting the regimen. I just want to show you guys how AWESOME Dan's Regimen is. I don't really have a lot of "before" pictures (no one likes getting their picture taken if they look bad) but here are some "afters." Enjoy and TRY THE REGIMEN!!! Picture #1 Picture #2 Picture #3 Picture #4 PS- The pictures aren't EXTREME close-ups, but believe me when I tell you that, thanks to Dan's Re