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  1. A few months ago I bought a red/blue lamp (Beauty Skin). I used it for about a month, and as I had no improvement and my acne got a bit worse - I stopped using it. However, for around 3 months after this time my acne dramatically improved, bearing in mind I did not start any new sort of medication (just continued with the BP I have used for ages). Anyone else experienced this? Was it just a coincidence, or did the lamp actually help my skin stay clear for a while? I find it hard to believe that
  2. I'm on around week 2 or 3 and my acne has got somewhat worse. Not horrifically, but definitely a bit worse. Is this normal? When should I expect to see improvement?
  3. Yes, I too would also like to know if you can turn that loud timer off.
  4. So, you think that if sunbeds work very well for me, it's likely that the laser treatment will also work well? Thanks.
  5. And did sunbeds/the sun always work well for you? They really help my acne (sunbeds) so I am hoping my going on a blue/red laser system I will be able to come off the sunbeds and the laser treatment will do what the sunbeds did for me.
  6. Guys, would an acne light be a good substitute for sunbeds? I really want to stop using them, and if an acne light can provide the same effects (in terms of reducing acne) I will defo get a light. Please help!
  7. Your advice? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ACNE-FREE-ACNE-LAMP-...id=p3286.c0.m14 Or http://www.acnestar.co.uk/index.html Or, can you recommend any better alternatives within that price range? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I use sunbeds as they really improve my acne. I was wondering if sunbeds improve my acne, does this mean I could replace them with acne lights? Would it also have the same sort of effect? Also, can you just use a blue lamp or should you also use red for the best results?
  9. DO NOT exeed the dose stated on the packet. Seriously, never mind what other people say they have used. Without supervision of a medical practicioner you could, will, do yourself more harm than good. The recommended daily allowance of B5 is a tiny 4-7mg, 500mg is a thereputic dose and taking 20 times that is dangerous. Please be careful. But why are there so many website promoting that 20 capsule dosage and various stories which appear to hold positive results? Surely, they can't all be mi
  10. I recently bought a pack of 500mg B5. I was planning to take the 20 capsules a day, in guidance with the recommendations on this site and others. This does seem like an excessive dosage, and I am concerned about the side effects which people said result from other B vitamins being reduced within your body. 1) I have very mild acne. Could I see good results on taking just 10 capsules a day? Or would it not be worth it? 2) Would buying a B-complex pack and taking small doses of the pill help pr
  11. The herb agnus castus taken along with B6 and zinc is great for hormonal acne. I took it 5 years ago for about 2 years and my skin back then was the best it had ever been. I stopped taking it to start a family and have just decided to start taking it again because my acne is worse than ever after having kids! Agnus castus is anti androgenic and its the androgens which are a major cause of hormonal acne - they increase a hormone called DHT which in turn causes the skin to produce too much sebum.
  12. What vitamins are good for controlling hormones, to stop hormonal acne? I heard magenesium was good at this.
  13. Yes, I would also like to know the difference. As a first time acne vitamin user, B5/B-Complex (etc.) are very confusing!