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  1. i think thats a great idea! after my skin cleared up and i stopped obsessing about my skin, I realized that no one treated me any differently with or without acne! Acne honestly isn't a big deal, but its the mental side that goes along with acne that makes it horrid! Good luck! Have fun this month!
  2. I am so sorry that she said that to you. I know it hurts but if she's really that superficial, in a way aren't you glad that she said that so you could rid her from your life? Anyone that cruel on the inside is far more unattractive to anyone with acne, no matter how minor or how severe it is. In an actual relationship acne doesn't, and shouldn't make a difference. You shouldn't want to be with someone that would care enough about something so superficial. But initially meeting someone and fir
  3. Sorry to hear you didn't go to the wedding But I'm sure we can all relate, and in the end we have to do what makes us happy and comfortable, and if it means missing out on social events then sometimes that's a price we have to pay :/ I hope that all of that works for your skin! As for me, my skin, especially my forehead, keeps breaking out :/ Every morning I wake up thinking that it's going to be a better day and it just keeps getting worse. I haven't canceled any plans yet, but it's definitel
  4. As bad as this sounds, I would have considered myself an extremely critical and superficial person before I met the current guy I am with. I always pictured myself with an extremely tall, handsome, and athletic guy and i rejected a lot of great guys because they didn't meet my impossibly high "physical" standards. And then I met the guy I'm currently with. I wasn't attracted to him physically at all but he has such an amazing personality that it kept me intrigued. I turned him down multiple time
  5. This thread is so cute! This doesn't necessarily apply to the "superficial" person, but I truly believe if a guy/girl cares about you that their feelings will be unchanged with or without acne. Anyways, don't you want someone who loves you no matter what? If someone likes you, then they are obviously attracted to you - therefore they don't care about your acne! Anyways, I've been "dating" this guy for almost 2 months now. I met him at school - we had math together for a full year and we were fr
  6. Not all of us are superficial! Honestly its weirder to refuse to take your shirt off compared to taking your shirt off and having some scarring! and i guarantee you that if you are in a situation where a girl wants your shirt off that she will be too worked up to even notice or care about scarring if she really cares about you! Personally, the guy I have been dating for the past month or so has some confidence issues with his body and it makes me feel better because I feel less pressure to be pe
  7. No problem! Just remember to be strong! Try to let go of your worry about what other people are going to think of your acne and the pressure to look perfect. People actually will, and i'm sure do accept you with or without clear skin! You'd be surprised how much relief you will feel and how much fun you can have when your not obsessing over your skin! And my night went wonderful met his parents (eeek) and then went and met up with some other people! still no talk about what we are/where our re
  8. aw i like this thread! and as for me, i see my boyfriend in about an hour who i haven't seen for 3 weeks <3 and my skin has cleared up tremendously in the past couple of days, yay! and I went to the gym today and ran for 40 minutes straight, go me!
  9. so relatable! I can't tell you how many days I wake up wishing it was time to go to bed so I can wake up the next morning with clearer skin! Hang in there! I know it's bad but it doesn't last forever! Try to have fun and not worry about it! Do something nice for yourself, even if it requires staying home! Trust me, things are a lot easier when you have something to distract you and you aren't thinking about acne every waking hour! Even if you distract yourself for an hour thats an accomplishment
  10. my skin had been clear for almost 2 years, and then out of no where, a week before my boyfriend comes back from 3 weeks of being away, my face breaks out like no other. love the timing acne has!
  11. I'm not the biggest expert on doxycycline, I've honestly never done any intense research on it like I have on other medication, so obviously none of this is scientific it's just personal experience! But I've been taking it for probably close to 2 years. In the beginning I would literally have a heart attack if I forgot to take it because I knew soon enough there would be a nice cyst waiting for me. As time passed I got less strict about taking it, and if I missed a day here or there I wouldn't r
  12. A couple of years I had really bad cystic acne - those terrible, huge, hard lumps with nothing in them (which sounds kind of similiar to yours) - and then I went onto doxycycline and it really took care of those. i still had mild acne but I could always just pop it and cover it up really easy, but lately my skin has gone back to the cystic type. I can live with the mild acne, but the cysts are what kill me! And I understand about your mom :/ My whole family has delt with acne, no one quite to
  13. Holy shit a Kaley sighting! Just thought I would say Hi. By the way, it is Dave, if you remember.

  14. i've been fortunate enough not to have to deal with too bad of scaring, I do have a nasty scar on my chin though, and its not flat so its impossible to cover up :/ I delt with red marks for a while, especially on my forehead, but with time they did fade. However, thanks to my nice new breakouts they are back Just stay strong, it won't last forever!
  15. About 3 years ago I went through the same exact thing as you did. I was so depressed and missed social outings all the time, I honestly wanted to die. And then miracuously I cleared my skin up (not completely but to my satisfaction) about 2 years ago and I became so much happier with my skin and life. I became a lot more confident with the way I looked and I was okay with anything. Spontaneous invites to go do fun things with different people came up and I didn't even bat an eye about my skin,