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  1. This is scary. How do these liver flukes and parasites actually get inside the body?
  2. Has anyone ever noticed that Irish people always have the most beautiful skin? Ive always noticed this, and wished i was irish for this reason. That good skin has got to be a genetic thing.
  3. Hi, Everyones skin gets oily after a few hours. Its a normal process. Unless you are one of those lucky people with dry skin and small pores and no acne. But thats rare, and just good genetics.
  4. Hi Chloe, Where can i find these cigarette papers? Many thanks.
  5. After reading the posts about using the cold water. I just remembered that until the age of 17 i had great skin. I mean perfect skin. At that time i used to get up in the morning and use cold water to wash with before school. Maybe theres some truth to this cold water thing. Maybe it calms irritation, and does prevent acne.
  6. Flip, Your analysis of body temperature and comedo formation is good. And your right. But i think its a normal process of the human body, one we cannot alter. I like your thoughts though : )
  7. Hi Flipside, Ive had some bad experiences with both differin and retin A micro. Dont waste your time or energy. Both made my skin break out terribly. And i do mean terribly. I stopped using them within a few days, i just couldnt deal with it. I dont have 8 weeks to hide in a closet until it could possibly look better or not. More than likely not. Who does really? Try something like Benzamycin. It clears acne with no side effects, and doesnt make your skin worse before it gets better
  8. Try Benzamycin. It has no serious side effects like CLindimycin does. Just slight skin irritation if any. It works.
  9. Hello Total Control, You poor little thing. Its a cyst. Dont try and squeeze it anymore. Just leave it alone. Let it go down on its own. Ive done this too, i know how shocking it is. The best things to do are to cleanse a lot, apply salycylic acid gel and cleanser, and also take ibuprofen. All of these will reduce the temperature of the cyst and help it go down on its own. Thats all you can do. Dont worry it happens to all of us. Hang in there. Focus on doing positive things for you
  10. Hi, If you dont mind my opinion, i dont think you should eat egg yolks, no matter who or what book recommends them. They are very high in cholesterol, and eating too much cholesterol can cause a lot of bumps to form on your skin. You should eat cooked egg whites. This is healthier, and contains a lot of protein, which is good for developing healthy skin.
  11. Hello, I recommend a book called Beautiful Skin. I found it on http://lulu.com. It gives good advice about preventing acne and wrinkles, through natural remedies such as skin care and a healthy diet. I also disagree with some of your good food recommendations. Peanut butter might be healthy, but its a terrible thing to eat if you have acne. It causes severe acne to form. I read this in the book. And also i know from terrible experiences with my own acne after eating peanut butter. The b
  12. Hi KathyK, I think the book has some kind of security feature on it. I tried to cut and copy some information to post here, but it isnt working. Im tired now. But im just posting some things at random as i remember them. Im sorry if they look choppy. Im just typing fast. Another simple thing that has been helpful to me is washing the recommended 3 times a day. Instead of the usual 2 times of washing a day. The author states that oil production is at the highest in the afternoon hours, an
  13. Also the book said to try Benzamycin. I purchased the Benzamycin online from mexicomeds.com. I started using it after reading about it. It has no serious side affects like Clindamycin does. I couldnt use that because it gave me stomach problems. The Benzamycin effects are limited to the skin surface. I had none. I noticed improvement right after using the benzamycin. But if i stopped the acne came back. Do a search online for benzamycin. Lots of good reviews and information co