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  1. Hey all.... I thought about this thread, even though it's so old. Because this is where it all started for me. It is now 2011, and I have not gotten over this problem. I still examine/cry over my lips. What's worse is that a few months after making this post I developed a tingling/twitching type thing in my lip area, right around where I put the glycolic acid. That has not gone away in two years, as well as the "tiny red dot". I look back and I realize I went mad.. The "red marks" above my
  2. You know, a lot of time s people will say "Well, look at all the starving children, the people with cancer, the homeless...... etc" and sometimes I understand the point...... but other times hearing it said makes me ANGRY! See...... we all have problems, and it's simply unrealistic to think that every single person who has a "less severe" problem is automatically going to feel better once they think of those who are worse off than them. Actually, I would go as far as to say that that's not a h
  3. I guess I need therapy, because this is seriously taking over my life! Today I probably thought about my lips for a few hours at least... My imperfection feels like its huge even though I know it's small. I keep thinking people notice it when they look at me. Right now I'm mainly concerned about a tiny dot right above my lip. I went to my derm yesterday and he told me I shouldn't obsess over small things, because treatment will often make them worse. This "dot" that I'm speaking of looks li
  4. Correction, I'm not looking for acceptance from strangers. What good would that do me? I come to this place to talk about problems just like anyone else does (especially on an acne website). I made this thread because I thought others might have the same problems with themselves, because after all, people who go to acne message boards are generally concerned about their physical appearance.... and that concern can manifest itself in many ways (including ways that aren't totally healthy). I'v
  5. Honestly, I'm still not convinced that I even have BDD (or is that something someone with BDD would say?... lol). Although.... I did suffer from an eating disorder for a couple years, so my body image and the need for control and "perfection" have always been a theme of my life. Furthermore, my brother suffers from OCD and is on medication......... that probably doesn't matter though. His problem is different than mine.... My biggest issue is feeling that I caused all this. Like, if I hadn't
  6. Ya, that's the thing.... it doesn't matter what other people say... I've learned from experience that it doesn't work just to hear other people tell me it's all in my head and that I look fine. What I want is to actually BELIEVE it... and I don't know how to do that yet. I'm sort of caught in between thinking that I have legitimate cosmetic defect that deserves my concern and on the other hand, thinking that maybe I need to talk to a therapist or something..... But somehow I'm not sure how tha
  7. Ok, here is a close up pic of me that I snapped a few minutes ago: http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l278/flu...rl26/me1256.jpg Do you see anything that I may be concerned about? Anything off? Well, when I look at this picture all I can see is the redness that is in the center of my upper lip. It's a section of it that looks almost like a patch, because the surrounding surface of the lip is lighter in color. I also have been worrying about the fact that my upper lip line looks a bit unev
  8. Unfortunately this describes me perfectly. I have very little personality right now... Today I went to a family dinner thing and my family is VERY loud, outgoing, crazy.... you name it. We're often the loudest people in any restaurant, or anywhere else. But then there's me.... I just feel I have nothing much to say and feel that the people around me don't know me very well, and probably aren't interested in getting to know me. I look in the mirror and I see a shy girl with nothing ready to s
  9. So, I used this 40% glycolic acid on my face, specifically on a red mark above my lip that has been annoying me a lot. Unfortunately I think some of the glycolic acid got on my lips and now part of my lip line looks a little splotchy. It looks as if little splotches that are the same color as my skin are now going slightly into my lip line, causing them to be sort of uneven. I've never heard of this happening and am not sure what these splotches are. I'm worried that they wont go away... I g
  10. Sooo I've been on summer break for about 2 weeks now and my daily life is a little less than exhilarating. There are a few things I could do (like practicing music and going to the gym) but it's actually a bit hard to motivate myself to do them. My brother is also going to be in a different city for the rest of the summer (except maybe a few days next month) so it will be just me and my mom in the house. I DO have goals this summer but part of me wishes I had some friends or something. I've
  11. Well obviously the best senario of all is to start getting your name out there right now and working for someone wherever you happen to currently live, and then opportunities will open up a bit more. I know someone who just moved to NYC (Manhattan) this month from Florida because he was offered a huge promotion in the city. He must make a good living for himself because he flies back to Florida to visit his friends about every two weeks. I'm visiting NYC in August just because : )

  13. Ya i miss the fun days of the Org even though shit got a little to personal at times. Its good to see you around these parts, and i hope hope school, music, and the boyfriend bizz is still going good for ya:)

  14. ya, I kinda wonder where they all went.... JC and his "delicious"..... Dog20 and his massive amounts of hair......