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  1. those suck. if i get it right, you mean it's like a little knot under the skin that won't go away ? i have those, too. i used to have only small whites and stuff, but one one year ago or so my acne got worse and now i have a dozen of those knots. i tried everything and visited 3 docs. nothing works . the only thing that works for me is to put some ice on it. it makes them shrink a bit, but they're still there. i still have the first knot i got one year ago. it comes back again and again .
  2. eating raisins didn't work for me tried eating them for 3 weeks
  3. here's what "science" says about that whole thing (there was a lot more info about testosterone, but that's the most important stuff) sport increases testosterone sexual activity increases testosterone but... testosterone plays a big role for skin health.. so actually it's pretty good for your skin. that's kinda confusing , because my doc told me the only way to stop my acne is to cut of my balls
  4. i heard that some chemicals can cause acne at any age and that this form of acne can't be cured by know, but i think they don't know how to cure any form of acne. i have acne since age 12. i'm 20 years old now. started with a few pimples then it got worse every year ending with some cyst and big knot-like things deep in my skin. now after i tried "alexalmighty's experiment" it changed back to some little pimples. i really think it can't be long till someone will find a way to get rid of this sh
  5. Hi i started doing the same stuff just after i read about AlexAlmighty's litte experiment. before that i was using a gel called basocin and skinoren with some antibiotica which just didn't work at all. the first couple of days i washed my face with warm water 3 times a day. no scrubbing or any chems. everything was fine. after a week my face began to clear up. for about 2 weeks it was great. then i got some little pimple on my cheek (something that i haven't seen for about 7 years), but still
  6. i am surprised that skinoren works for you. i was using that stuff too.. but no success. it seemed to me that it does absolutely nothing with my skin. differin made my acne go worse i think. do you live in germany ? because i don't think they use that stuff anywere else. my derm told me to use it and then another derm told me that differin and skinoren is not very effective and i should go for accutane. but anyway... at least it works for someone
  7. i have tested the carbon thing myself. all i ate for 3 weeks was pure chicken (cooked not fried) and water. no chips and sweets and stuf flike that not even fruits. the first week i had the feelin that it really clears me up. but now after 3 weeks i have a huge breakout and the some days before that i had a little breakout. so my opinion about it is that doing this diet was wasting time. i don't know what cleared my up the first weeks but it wasn't the food.
  8. i would like to say something. in my life there's no sexual activity at all (can't imagine that ???) and guess what .... i have acne breakouts. so at least for me there is no link between sex and acne. if there would be a link.. damn i would go and cut off my ...
  9. wow your derm gave u accutane for treating mild acne ? i have ptretty bad acne and my derm says she would rather not prescribe it because it's not serious enough. are u from USA ? i am from germany and i noticed things r quite different here. how many other stuff u tried before taking accutane ?
  10. i don't know if this has been said before but... you get enough B5 from food. taking B5 is useless in most cases. no matter what you r eating.. a hamburger or vetarian stuff it won't make a difference. my doctor even said i should avoid taking too much vitamin B because it can cause eczema. i had that eczema on my neck so i know what i am talking about :wink: