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  1. i take 2000 mg of minocycline and i'm only 114 pounds...lol so i think you should be fine, just call your doctor to make sure. i have to say that none of the antibiotics worked for me until i was on like an extremely high dosage. it does make you sick to your stomach though. if you can handle the sickness for a couple of hours, i would say its worth it. also, i noticed i dont get as nauseated when i take it before or after i eat. good luck though
  2. i am 21 and i have a lot of hyperpigmentation that JUST started to show up from picking my face a couple of months ago. my acne was completely stress related too. when i went to the dermatologist, she said that scars take sometimes years to heal and i almost started to cry in her office. however, she did suggest chemical peels so i'm going to try that. i just dont get how something that has been there no longer than a couple of months is going to take so long to go away. hopefully for all of
  3. i found doodling at work helps me. especially since i pick my face when i'm worried or thinking about acne. that keeps my hands away from my face.
  4. yay! i found it! i'm gonna try this. i already have tons of lemons because for a while i was going to do the lemonade diet to do a master cleanse...i dont need to loose a POUND (LOL) but i was thinking maybe it was something that needed to be cleaned from the inside...thanks kandy4u!