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  1. scam thread if u ask me, just erase this shit
  2. o, that sucks well, I guess il stop taking the doxy, but about the flushing creams, wat am I supposed to do? just sit around and wait for them? I actually have stuff to do, im getting tired of just testing things and coming back 6 months later I read your posts about clonidine, roughly how long do I have to take that for to see some changes, Im going to buy this on the net, fuck all this shit with waiting, you wait and each derm tells u something different
  3. Because its red and irritated from the baking soda, I think you should just leave it, dont wash it or apply anything to it, because it mite just irritate it more. Its proberly just tempery anyway
  4. I waited months to goto hammersmith, All to be told that my flushing is normal and I have to deal with it, In other words, theres nothing that can be done... I was prescribed doxycycline, But I think this was for my spots, Can any1 tell me if this would help with flushing too? Thanks
  5. I dont belive differin will help with redness, it wasnt made for that purpose I beleive
  6. You can buy it online at shops like http://skincarerx.com But btw, Its NOT good for redness, If anything it irritates your skin more I even asked at there forums if it helps with redness and if it can promote or heal dilated/broken blood vessel etc and they said NO, its not for this I belive
  7. If your skin is pink and gets red from a bit of water but you dont have roseaca what isit classed as? Im guessing its classed as flushing, well I have been these boards and see that it seems theres no treatment for flushing, everybody just says use a moistruizer or all of that BOLLOCKS, I dont even know why the F*** my skin has gone like this, I can look at a picture from when I was 8 and my skin is just 1 tone, Now its completly F****D, I dont want to use a moisturizer that calms the reddness b
  8. Hi lemarr, So far this seems like the only post on this board were a certain drug eliminates flushing, How long did you have to take it to notice the difference where you dont flush?
  9. Hey Maxi, I recenetly started using greencream too lvl 3, but havnt noticed it improving my redness yet, What level are you using? and how many times do you apply it? I also went to google and checked about GC and roseacea and nothing showed up so I assumed it does nothing for it. Is the redness on your cheeks or wat? btw halfpipe, goto www.greencream.com, and check buy section
  10. Thanks for your post, I will stick with level 3 for a while then, And about taking pictures each week, well thats a good idea but I have very oily skin, so its different each day, so it could be worse/better just as a coincedence, this is why im strugling to notice changes so far. Glad its working for you though
  11. Great, I was gona go to level 9 wihout 6, but after reading ur post, I wont, Thx, didnt know it gets rid of dark circles too, thats awesome Honestly, I'd start with Level 3 for a few months. You will see improvement. If you do choose Level 6 go in SMALL steps. Pea sized every other night and don't push it. You don't need your skin to be pissed off and with acne. Ok cool, I got level 3 just a few weeks ago and apply it everymorning and night someimes even 3 times a day, What exact impro
  12. Great, I was gona go to level 9 wihout 6, but after reading ur post, I wont, Thx, didnt know it gets rid of dark circles too, thats awesome
  13. O ok, didnt know it was worked out like that, And I havnt seen a "doctor" yet, my derm jus gave me a letter, then i took it to the doctors, and she then told the nhs. Thanks for all you help, and btw, did u pay for your accutane? or did u get it from the nhs?
  14. Yeh I know wat ur saying, about accutane just for blackheads, but my skin is too oily, I dont get much spots, but for some reasons loads of blackheads, if i wash my face, then check my nose 5 mins later, there are dots of water that you can actually touch, im guessing this is the oil that hardens later. Wat doseage do you think I sohuld ask the hospital for then? becus I dont want to go there and ask for a dosage thats too high incase the nurse thinks "o this kid doesnt no shit about this drug,