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  1. Dermaflage would be good for 1 or 2 scars. If you just use it on the same scar over and over you will get really good at blending it in. It’s kind of like a film makeup artist. At first they suck but after practice they can make anything look real. I would always use the pad they provide. Nothing else I have found can mimic real skin like the pad does. When I would apply the pad over the dermaflage I would lightly tap the pad to kind of shove the product into the scar. A mistake I made when I fi
  2. It really all depends on how much effort you put in when applying it. If you just slapped it on yeah it’s going to be noticeable. That’s how it was for me when first trying it out. I tried it in high school and gave up on it for a couple years until I saw someone else use it on YouTube and so I gave it another try thinking they improved the quality of the material or something. I don’t think they did I just got better at applying it. the edges do not come loose and to be honest with yo
  3. Yes I have a couple tips. First you need to get a couple different shades of it at first and find the one that really blends in with your skin tone this will make your scars literally invisible even when you are 3 inches away from the mirror. (That is if you are good at applying it!) I experimented with dermaflage a bit trying out different ways to apply it to the skin like using the tools they provide or my fingers. The best method I found was using a wooden toothpick. I would just buy tho
  4. I use to use dermaflage every day. I work outside mainly in a dusty environment and sweat all day and my dermaflage would rarely peel off or come loose. I have extremely oily skin too. The only reason I stopped using it was because of the hassle it was to put it on every day. But when I used it I got good enough to where I could hide almost all my scars and I wouldn’t even know the dermaflage was there until at night when I was showering and washing my face and would see some of it on my hands.