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  1. You have widespread volume loss, I think sculptra would work well on your scars
  2. Do you think you still have some swelling from the tl subcision/ tumescent anesthesia?
  3. Does rullan do ablative erbium on scar edges?
  4. Why did dr Emil perform subcision on you after TL? Did you still have tethered scars after the Taylor liberator?
  5. Acne scar treatments only costs around 60 to 300 dollars in my home country lol
  6. @getsmart121 should I really be doing Taylor liberator + fully ablative for my first treatment? I heard it's really risky, you could develop semi permanent lumps and long hyperpigmentation/hypopigmentation.
  7. I contacted his office recently, I got quoted 2700 dollars for the trio (subcision + lasers + phenol cross.) Its 3300 dollars for the quatro (with fillers too) The phenol peel is still the same price of around 6500 dollars
  8. I'm not sure what counts as deep scars? Most of the people I've seen taking Taylor liberator seem to have deeper scars than me.
  9. I've heard people say that rullan is not very good for deep scars and dr. Tylor in Utah would do much better for deep scarring.
  10. Hi, I've been lurking in this site for a few days now. The site is helping me understand my scars more, but I'm still not sure what treatments I should take. I've had 3 fraxel sessions in the past and it did next to nothing. I heard that Dr. Rullan is a great choice for atrophic scar treatment, and I'm thinking of doing a few sessions with him.