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  1. The cleanser I am using is Prascion, every morning and night. It made your skin oily? I thought that cleansers dried your skin out and got rid of all the dirt clogging pores. I'm also a guy, and the Finacea works alright, it does leave white streaks on my face though if my face is dry. I will continue to take doxy and try not using the Prascion Cleanser for a week or so. Thanks to both of you for the advice. Hey dude. Yeah I am very experienced the subject. Wanna know how I cleared up
  2. The cleanser I am using is Prascion, every morning and night. It made your skin oily? I thought that cleansers dried your skin out and got rid of all the dirt clogging pores. I'm also a guy, and the Finacea works alright, it does leave white streaks on my face though if my face is dry. I will continue to take doxy and try not using the Prascion Cleanser for a week or so. Thanks to both of you for the advice.
  3. It's called Aveeno, find it at Wal Mart
  4. I have been taking Doxycycline 100mg capsules twice a day for nearly 2 months now, and have seen little to no improvement. I also wash my face every morning and night with Prascion Cleanser and Finacea 15% gel. I hardly ever miss washing my face or taking the pill. With all that effort, I would think that I would be clear by now. My acne has always been just mild/moderate. After 2 months, I still usually have a few pimples/pastules on my face, and it is extremely annoying. Should I keep trying f
  5. For the past year or so, I've been doing Dan's regimen every morning and night. But at night, I used AHA+ instead of normal Moisturizer. I was just reading the AHA+ page and Dan says to use it for spot treatment or only every once in a while. I only do it at night because it makes me really shiny. Is what I do bad? Also, should I apply AHA on top of BenzaClin?
  6. This is what the dermatologist prescribed to me. I used to use all of Dan's products, but I decided that took to long to do every morning and night. This is my first day of this new regimen. Wash my face with cleanser every morning and night, and apply Benzaclin to any bumps. However, I have a few questions. My face is extremely dry. It's ok to use a moisturizer, right? And Dan's AHA+ at night? When I dab the Benzaclin on bumps, do I just dab it then leave it to dry or actually rub it in?
  7. I do not want to judge, but you seem kind of homophobic. Also, I do understand the time it takes. Try cutting back on the amount of BP. I wouldn't call myself that. I'm just so used to the stupid immature kids in High School, who love to judge. I really hope college is different like people say.
  8. I definitely get what all of you guys are saying. However, my main concern is the time it takes. Do I really want to make 3 trips to the hall bath every morning and night? (1 to cleanse, 1 to apply BP, 1 to moisturize). I really don't have self confidence issues or anything. But surely yall can see why I wouldn't want to start off my freshman year spending a ton of time in the bathroom like a girl or something. Someone also said something about how guys taking time to look good is accepted th
  9. As a guy, there is no way I want to be washing my face every morning and night at college in dorms with a hall bath. I really need to get off of this. I've been on it for a year and a half now, and it works great for me. I want to just stop all together and see how bad I break out, but I can't bring myself to do it. How can I make an easy transition? I want to either quit or take some type of pill to keep me clear. Any recommendations?
  10. I think that I've forgotten how horrible it was to have Acne since I've been clear for so long now, I guess I just forget that spending that time washing my face keeps me clear and I just view it as a hassle even though it really isn't. haha. I'll try that fan idea, thanks for that.
  11. I use about 1/4 of a pump, it all depends on your skin. I also think that Dan uses a ton, I don't see how it doesn't make him extremely shiny.
  12. Yeah, you're right. Thanks a lot for your help, you kept my business. haha
  13. Thank you very much Brandy, that is very helpful. Because of that I probably won't quit, because I know you are right. The part that takes the longest and what annoys me is putting on the BP. What I usually do in the mornings before school is Get up, Use Cleanser and shave, Go get dressed, fix my hair, Put on BP, Go eat breakfast, Brush my Teeth, Use Moisturizer, wait for it to dry and wipe off excess oil (This part is also annoying too). It takes me like 5 minutes to get ready without wa
  14. Hey guys, I've been following Dan's regimen strictly (all his products also) for a year and a half. I've been clear for a while now, and I just need something that will keep me clear. Yeah I could keep doing the regimen, but it takes FOREVER every morning and night, and it is expensive. So what could I switch to that is really quick and would keep me clear? I was thinking about the Salicylic Acid Pads, those are perfect. I just don't know if they work, and I don't want to risk breaking out. Than
  15. Just get off the Clindamycin Gel completely. I've read your other thread, and I think you should just keep her on the pill but get rid of all other prescription gels and such and just strictly follow Dan's regimen. That is what I did and now I'm perfectly clear. Dan's way has worked for me so much better than any Dermatologist ever did for me.
  16. Thanks for the help man. I may look into that stuff, but waiting for an hour doesn't really appeal to me. Plus Jojoba would just make me extremely shiny. AHA makes me even more shiny than Dan's Moisturizer :\
  17. Even people with clear skin should be cleansing and moisturizing their face. The only thing I would recommend is to cut down on the treatment by only applying it in the evenings. Try not to see the regimen as a hassle, it should be a convenience! Think of it this way: have you stopped using your favorite shampoo and conditioner because it has made your hair look nice? No! Because if you stop using it, your hair will not look as nice. I wish I could see it like that, but being a guy washing m
  18. Well that's some of the worst advice I've ever heard
  19. I've been on it for over a year now. Will I ever be able to get off the regimen and still be acne free? I really don't want to try it for myself. Thanks.
  20. I've been on the regimen for more than a year now. I only use moisturizer in the morning (I don't care if I look flaky at night, no one sees me). I only use like half a squirt, because even that makes me shiny. In Dan's videos he uses 2 squirts, I can't imagine how oily I would look then. Is it just my skin? What should I do about it? I've been using those oil wipes that take most of the shine off your face. I also have Jojoba oil but I don't even use it because that just makes me completely gre
  21. I ordered Dan's Jojoba oil, and tried it the other morning with my moisturizer. Sure it felt cool, but it make my face sooo much more shiny than normal. I thought it was supposed to prevent that? Dan recommends 5 drops, so I did that. But I also use about 1/2 the amount of moisturizer that he recommends. Maybe I should try 2 drops? Thanks for any help.
  22. Right, like 3 months. Keep at it dude, try using more. Well this weekend I went to TN, so I missed the regimen... 4 times. And after missing it 4 times, only 1 pimple. Which has already gone away. Thanks a lot for saying that dude, it's good to know I made a difference.
  23. I had that also. Just use the moisturizer, worked fine for me.
  24. I was looking in the mirror a minute ago and decided I'd give back to the community to help people struggling like I did. My acne was moderate. I usually had like 6-8 active pimples, but a lot of left-over red marks. I decided to try the regimen after taking Doxycycline for 2 months (didn't work). I bought a starter kit. So the first few months I was very upset, my face kept breaking out like normal, and the only thing I was getting from this was dry skin and 10 minutes every morning and night.