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  1. Sorry, haven't been on this forum for a while. I started this thread should have followed up. I am leaning toward TotalFX. I live in the LA area and there are 2 doctors here who have the lasers. I was told that these lasers are lot more expensive than the Repair so not many doctors willing to spend. Furthermore, TotalFX uses a constant laser which I like to compare to digital whereas Repair is a laser that goes up and down in intensity during treatment, sort of like analog signal. DIGITA
  2. Can you tell me how much Dr. Pilest charges for Fraxel. I am in SoCal too, and I have seen his website, but am unsure of what to expect. Thanks! Gigi
  3. I've had 5 fraxels and 2 subcisions. I have rolling scars and I think the subcision has worked the best. Some of my saucer shaped rolling scars have disapeared. Other indentions have lessened. Fraxel has made the overall appearance of my skin much smoother and much more even tone. Overall I'm much happier with my skin then I was a year ago. I would like to have another subcison in the near future.
  4. I have had these scars for many years now. I had dermabrasion in my early 20s, some chemical peels in between, and had 5 Pixel treatments done last year. Can anyone recommend any procedures to help me get rid of these scars? Btw, are these the so called rolling or boxcar scars? I read somewhere that doing subcision on the temple is not good because of a major nerve in that area, anybody know about this? Thx all in advance.
  5. CitizenPanda, Can you recommend a spot treating cream?
  6. Look into TotalFX or Fraxel Re:pair - the newest technology in 2008.
  7. I have probably posted the same reply to other scar sufferers as well. But I will reply to you with the same answer. Look into TotalFX or Fraxel Re:pair (not the old Fraxel). These gave good results from reading from every source that I got my hands on. I personally is in the process of choosing one.
  8. Yes, I am thinking about Fraxel Re:pair or TotalFX which I read is way better than the regular Fraxel. You should look into it. I am thinking about getting either one.
  9. For acne scars, you need to look into TotalFX or Fraxel Re:pair. I have read through all the posts in the forum and many many more from other forums and Google. You best shot is these 2 new procedures. I started a thread dicussing these 2 procedures. I personally have not gotten it done yet and don't know which one to choose from but definitely go with either one. Btw, these are "single treament" procedures unlike regular Fraxel which requires 4-5 treatments. If anyone who can share info
  10. Dear fellow acne sufferers and haters, I have suffered acne scars from my early 20s up to now in my mid 30s. I have rolling, boxcar, and all kind of skin abnormalities on my face. I have tried demabrasion in my 20s, many other procedures in between, and finally Pixel last year in my 30s. None of them really bought me good results..... Until now, in 2008, I discovered there are some breakthroughs in this field and I thnk all will benefit from reading on.... I am starting this thread to disc