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  1. My apologies about my disappearance. I have been so busy with other things and since my skin looks better I have become less obsessed with perfect skin. After several months of healing and only doing maintenance peels with glycolic acid, beta hydroxy acid and lactic acid I have gotten good results. Sometimes I mix a couple together to achieve a good effect such a 15% beta then the next day a mix of 50% glycolic and 65% The derma roller is probably too long and should be 1mm or less. It's just
  2. Several months have gone by and I believe has given me the full results of my treatments. At this point I believe I have revised my acne scars by 50%. Smaller scars have leveled off and only nagging ones are the really deep pits that seem resistant and will need another round of this process. They have softened an look closer in color and texture to the surrounding tissue. I am quite pleased with the results thus far and I will start a new round this winter. It seems that we cannot rely on
  3. I've been very busy and I'm on vacation (Hawaii!). The remodeling process is slowly happening and I would like to take them once I believe it has reached it's maximum potential for this wave of treatment.
  4. did a bit of research on the alphalipoic acid cream, sounds lkike a good one!

  5. It sounds like your skin is more sensitive so you should use the glycolic on one day and then the other agents on the second day. The self heal you can use right after a chemical peel. Did you do a patch test before you did your whole face and how long did you keep it on? You should also discontinue any other irritants before you do a peel. Tazorac should be discontinued the day of the peel so you don't have an unexpected reaction. I had those small bumps but they go away. They're small b
  6. You can buy those at any drug store like Walgreens. You might have to go to the pharmacy counter to ask for them. They come in a box of 100 but they might have smaller quantities. Make sure you get the disposable ones and not the ones that are cartridges for lancet pens. Don't go too deep (probably 1 mm) and then use the blackhead remover and then clean it with alcohol. Don't apply the Salycilic acid until at least the next day with a q-tip so if you accidentally go too deep your skin has
  7. It sounds like yours are more resistant. You'll have to go with the more invasive route. You need to buy some diabetic lancets and you will need to pierce the milia. Prep the area first with alcohol. Then you need to use a blackhead extractor and apply pressure so the trapped cells come out. Kinda gross I know. Then you can use the SA solution the next day to help it exfoliate further until it fully heals.
  8. You are beautiful (I love the wedding photo), but I can see in your eyes how you don't feel confident. Your skin is not as bad as mine, but we are all in the same boat and our scarring is what we each have to live with individually. For a woman, I think it is harder because they are judged more for their appearance. Men can just look like bums and my scarring has only been a problem with some people in the upper echelon of society. I am an opera singer and I think my scars have impeded my a
  9. I sent a personal message to someone dealing with icepick scarring. I thought that I would post my response because I have been changing the technique The 1.5 derma roller is quite scary and I still resist using no more than every two weeks. I have an easier time with the diabetic lancet and applying glycolic acid after puncturing the scar. I have a combination of boxcar and ice pick. The ice pick scar is definitely responsive but needs to be done several times. I had great success with a rece
  10. I have used the 65% lactic acid peels. It has not been shown to have much of an effect on acne scars, but it is great for discoloration, hyperpigmentation and overall lightening of skin. Glycolic acid has more of an effect on improving the appearance of acne scars but might not be good for sensitive skin. I don't know what the wait time is after using accutane.
  11. I have no experience with TCA because it is rather tricky and can cause more scarring if not applied carefully and in a controlled manner. Rolling acne scars is probably better treated with a derma roller or needling because chemical means is a resurfacing modality. Rolling scars are tethered to the the subcutaneous layers of your skin and need to be broken up with needling. I think even a derma roller is not sufficient to get that deep and is good for the more superficial scars. That is w
  12. The milia slough off when I scrub my face in the morning. I found that using SA at night before I go to bed over several days will get rid of them. I also want to post an update about using the diabetic lance. They are extremely sharp and so they are almost painless except for an occasional pin prick feeling. I will start using them from now on. I was able to puncture the scar and since there is a limited depth needle(about 3-4 mm) you can pierce your scar, and that provides safety feature
  13. Well, it has been a test of faith for me too. Early on I applied too much and I thought I would scar but the self-heal prevented that. The salicylic acid is good for both active acne and for the milia. I dip a cotton swab in the solution. You can decrease the strength if it's too strong by mixing a seperate batch with distilled water. I alway recommend buying the stronger solutions because you can alway weaken it but you can't make it stronger if it's not strong enough. It has eliminated t
  14. Thanks for the input! What a great idea. I asked my friend who is diabetic and she gave me a few and they're just right for this procedure!! They're sterile, about 3mm long and provide a handle to grip the needle. I have no idea why these are legal and accupuncture needles are classified as a controlled item by the FDA.
  15. I think if you don't have an active cold sore, you should be fine. You can start the Valtrex in the event of a outbreak caused by the needling (which is minimal). I also found out you should stop using retin A a week before the full strength peel. I would continue to use benzoyl peroxide as a preventative measure. Another person has posted that diabetic lancets are available legally and are sterile (thank you!!). I think that would be ideal simply because they're designed to pierce skin and