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  1. @Candy SaysThis is the email response for Quthero. Great News!!!! (Even though they haven't tested on old scars it should work in theory with scar revision) Hi, Thanks. We are not sure if it would work on old scars. We only tested on fresh incisions, ie scar prevention. The derm gel should be available later in the Fall through doctors offices. We could also sell directly at that time. Thanks, Milica Again this fall!!! This might all be over soon!
  2. @Candy SaysBtw I contacted the founder of Sunogel and he said that the pandemic caused some delays but he is still working on the product at the moment but hasn't updated the website. This is further supported by the patents that he has recently filed.
  3. Here is another scarless hydrogel company that is really promising coming from the University of Toronto. Unlike Sunogel, they have been giving frequent updates (last one is may 2022) and have investment from TWO major firms. In a 2020 interview, they claimed that it will be available for surgical use in 2-3 YEARS (The pandemic likely slowed this down a bit; although they just have been designated as a type VI medical device in Canada). This one is legit and likely coming very soon. I will keep
  4. Here is proof that Elastagen is in the pipeline. Allergan filed this patent on the use of Tropoelastin for acne scars. This also has the results of the study conducted in depth! There are even more patents on Tropoelastin from Allergan you just have to look them up. https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2021037733A1/en
  5. I already mentioned it. 6 months from now @Diamond9199. Considering they are partnered with CMU (one of the top universities in the U.S. https://engineering.cmu.edu/pita/projects/public-health-medicine/2020/soy-protein-based-campbell.html) they are probably telling the truth.
  6. Some more news. A Soy-protein matrix skin scaffold that leaves little to no scaring is going to be released in 6 months. I have asked the CEO and he confirmed. Here is the link to the product. https://www.neuesse.com/skin-conditions/post-laser-ablation-skin-resurfacing/ Also here is a description of the product: OmegaSkin has been proven to heal full thickness wounds with minimal to no scarring. Further in a patient’s favor is the healed wound will have fully functioning hair follicle
  7. Furthermore there is another study that will come out shortly that determined verteporfin can prevent scaring in human lung tissue also https://www.atsjournals.org/doi/pdf/10.1164/ajrccm-conference.2022.205.1_MeetingAbstracts.A5226 . The abstract has just recently been posted. "Conclusion: Therapeutic targeting of the YAP/TAZ pathway using an FDA approved drug resulted in attenuated fibrosis in an in vivo mouse and in the ex vivo human tissue-based FC-PCLS model. Targeting of YAP/TAZ usin
  8. Have some optimism verteporfin now has a study that shows it can prevent fibrosis in human tissue which is huge @nikkigirl
  9. It's from the journal experimental dermatology https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/16000625. However the full PDF of the study that I provided you would need to pay for...
  10. Big News! New study on Verteporfin scarless healing just came out with good results https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qDEmwaM7CnsJ2NpMAPIO_Cwas_wW19I4/view?usp=sharing "In summary, our study clearly demonstrated that YAP/TAZ are highly expressed and undergo increased nuclear transloca- tion in keloid fibroblasts. We also demonstrated that inhibition of YAP/TAZ via either gene knockdown or verteporfin treatment significantly inhibits fibroblast proliferation, induced