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  1. hi there.... happy b-day


  2. i actually use dove beauty bar soap on my face theres one for sensitve skin ..hypoallegnic... i use it on my face and it has helped me alot. it mositurizes but dries out yoru pimples.
  3. well i picked at my face as usual. i have 2 pimples that seriously arent goign away....one was a whitehead and i kinda poped it this morning. the other one had nothign there and it just red and bumpy and it hurts alot bp breaks me out very bad.... i just dont know what else to put on pimplesssssssss drying lotion?
  4. You're welcome. Hope It helps.

  5. ddo you apply this to yoru whole face or as a spot treatment? all you do is crush up the pills and mix with water right
  6. hey i just logged on today and saw your response to my weight thing ha

    thank you very much you had alot of helpful info.

    just wanted to say thanks =)

  7. You're damn if you ask me. : )

  8. no problem. it's hard to keep track of all those ridiculous names sometimes, but it's definitely important to know. anytime you need any help with anything just let me know, I'm happy to be of service haha.

  9. thank you so much for your response

    it makes alot more sense when i know what these things mean

  10. i get really confused ...whats the difference and what do each do and whats BHA...AHA all this stuff ive been reading about on the site
  11. i started a whole thng a few months back , where i cut out all the bp, acne washes all the crap and washed my face with water, and dove soap if i wore makeup my face has been pretty clear for a while now and execpt when i picked at it like today which looks horrible but yeah too much stuff is going to irritate your skin
  12. mac is the best makeup in the world. coverage like that is just heaven
  13. i went on vacation to VA, and Cancun, mexico. I got very very tan and while i was there my skin was ....just amazing, i never felt so good about my skin like that i didnt wear makeup once the night i came back to new york, i kinda picked a little at my face because i started breaking out with pimples. the firsttttttttttt niight. its insane how my skin changed in 3 days. is this normal