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  1. Yes. As I said I was at 90% clear due to the Pill and cutting out the white food (potato, rice, pasta, bread). After 4 days of eating no processed food at all, the whiteheads on my chin and nose are slowly going away. If you look at my chin closely in the pic in sunlight you will see a few speckles of whiteheads. It's been an embarrassing problem for me. I hope it goes away because I've been dealing with it for sooo long! Hopefully cutting out all processed food and dairy will do the trick to g
  2. Hi all. A little intro. I have had moderate acne since I was 12. I'm 27 now. When I was 12-20, I mostly had red bumps, mixed with some cysts, blackheads, and always a lot of whiteheads. From 20-25 I mostly had red bumps and lots of whiteheads still. Two years ago, I started taking the pill for birth control (OrthoTri). I was about 75% clear from the Pill. A year ago I add low carbing to lose a few pounds. I ate very low glycemic food for a whole year. I lost 15 pounds and I got to 90% clear.
  3. Hi everyone. I read about half of the posts in this thread. I just want to pass on what I've learned based on my experience. I started lowcarbing a year ago. Being Asian, before the lowcarbing endeavor, I ate A LOT of white rice, which is very high glycemic. My face broke out a lot. I couldn't figure out why. I thought it was due to the fact I was eating spicy food (I love spicy food). At any rate, so when I switched to a diet of food that doesn't cause an insulin spike (mainly stick to natural
  4. LOL. I'm a low carber too. My brain operates just fine, thank you I've been doing low carb for a year now. It is definitely a myth the the brain requires glucose to function well. It operates on ketones just fine. Or it can get glucose from the breakdown of proteins. There is a period of adjustment the first few days and then afterwards I actually notice I concentrate better and think even MORE clearly on a low carb diet than a high carb one. You don't have to be in ketosis either to get the r
  5. Yeah I would be careful when it comes to touching your face to anything with ColorStay. It will come off. Believe me, I've ruined quite a few white shirts that way It will stay on your face as long as you don't touch it to anything.
  6. I agree with you. I'm glad it doesn't break your skin. I was wondering if this thing was good. I have 2 Relvon foundations -- ColorStay and New Complexion. What I use depends on the weather and day/night hehe. New Complexion I tend to use when I want to look "natural".
  7. I like it. I have oily skin on my nose. Since using Colorstay, I've stopped using a powder on top of foundation because I can get away with it hehe. I look much better with this foundation than others. Coverage is great. It is cakey only if I put on too much, don't blend too well, don't put on enough moisturizer, or come like within an inch of my face I usually reapply makeup after 5-6 hrs. Honestly, I look like I have a flawless complexion with this foundation!
  8. Does anyone have large whiteheads that are deeply imbeded in the pores? Those that don't come up easily with scrubbing or masks. My face has cleared up for some reason of other forms of acne (cysts and red bumps... but many variables are involved so I'm not sure what's the reason why my face is clearing up), but I still have these whiteheads on my nose and chin. Am I doomed to have these forever? What have you used to clear these up? And again, I'm not talking about a few small ones.. but the la
  9. I think we should listen to our body when it comes to hunger/thirst. If you don't feel thirsty, don't drink. Same with food and being hungry. Yes, I think there's a point where there is such a thing as too much water. Too much water going through the body can upset its natural electrolyte balance. Anyway, this is my opinion on water. I know plenty of people think the more water the better... I aim for about 100 oz a day (a little over a galon) and I think that's enough for me...
  10. Most people who are on the Atkins diet (low carb, low glycemic... white bread is very high on the glycemic index) tend to notice improvements on their skin. Unfortunately insulin spiking (from by eating high glycemic foods) will cause acne or worsen it.