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  1. Hey guys I am currently looking for an everyday face wash, what do you guys reccomend. I have recently been using cetiphil getntal wash looking for somethign differnt. Would Dans product cleanser work? Thanks!
  2. ahh been there done that in the past all you can do is neosporin, maybe some peroxide, but just ride it out, or a topical antibotic if you have any laying around, going 2 the doc is pointless, I wouldnt even bother really not much they can do
  3. I feel ya I have like little to no acne on my face at all which I am very very grateful for, but I get it on my neck front and back, chest, shoulders, lower back, etc, used to get it on my arms that just started clearing up, I am 21 now and have been dealing with body acne since age of about 14 or so. Been to two differnt derms tried so many topicals, washes pills, all expect accutane. It is very stubbored I must say, Just wish maybe one day I will be able to go out in public with my shit off.
  4. I have been on antiboitcs steady since the age of 17 or so for acne, I am 21. Nothing bad has happend to me but IMO there usless. Tried every one on the "LINE" antiboitcs currnetly on minoclyine, tried soldyn etc etc, nothign has worked for me still looking for answers or Tane.
  5. Hey guys so Im not sure if I found whats causing my acne just putting things togher figure I would throw it up here I see what you guys think first I'll give lil back ground. Im 22 male had severe body acne, chest shoulders back since about age 15 or so. Tried just about evething, been on antiboitics for about 2 years now hate it, never took acutane been offered it but refused lookign bakc I should have done it while I had the chance but anyway, I finaly got a physical first time in a couple y
  6. your fineee!!! you only have about one or two spots that you can hardly notice dont fret over that alot of ppl inlcuding myself would kill to have that little of bacne
  7. I believe it is the zinc that helps, correct me if im wrong?
  8. I'll third you guys and can realate to the first dude at the moment. I havent been swimming in about 4 years, now I dont have that much acne on face, but my chest and back is terrialbe. It sucks, but you gotta make the most out of it. As far as going out I currently have a broken jaw cant drink at all! it sucks but I still go out and have a pretty good time, not as good as I would like just kicking it as the DD for the next couple of weeks. But make the best of what you can ya dig!
  9. Wow nice I got a response, I have been on it since I made this post early April and I have seen maybe very little improvement. I have an apoitment coming up on this thursday, we'll see what my derm thinks.
  10. Haha ya guys idk if I stated it or maybe you didnt read my initial post the first time. I am NOT on this diet because I want to be or to do some crazy ass experiment. I am doing this because I have no choice, I have a broken jaw and my mouth is wired shut meaning I cannot open at all, impossible to have food, and liquids are my only choice.
  11. Im assuming everybody on here that has told me is wrong has fasted with nothing but liquids for 2 months straight correct? All I wanted to do is share my experience and thoughts on this matter but im sure that this will never happen to 99% of the people. What I have been drinking instead of food has been nothing but drinks such as "boost plus". It is a high calorie lactose free drink loaded with tons of vitamins such as B6 and B12. Before this happened I ate a lot of fast food, junk food an
  12. thank you thug life point is all you *moderator edit* do is worry about what if i eat this food or what if i do that just saying dont bother bc its not going to matter!!!
  13. Ya maybe not just my thoughts on it, like as said above everybody is differnt, but way I looked at it is, Not eating food and only having high protein drinks with lots of mulit vitamins would improve my skin, no junk food etc etc, but for me this is not the case, my skins pretty much the same for now since iv only been on liquids.
  14. Heres a little food for thought (no pun intended) lol on the whole idea that certain foods can cause acne or make one break out more. Very little people will ever be able to do this but here is my conclusion on why foods do not make acne worse. The past two months I have not eaten food at all! Nothing! thats right no food, this is not by choice but my I recently had my jaw broken and my mouth has been wired shut for the past 2 months. ANd guess what!?!? My acne has not changed at all, did not
  15. I been on it for past year little to no improvements, also have been on various other antibiotics for past 3 years ditto. Looking into accutane sorry to say only thing that probely will work. (depending on severity)