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  1. has anybody had success with green smoothies improving red marks and about how long did it take? i just bought some baby spinach and different fruits last night...wish me luck!
  2. this moisturizer has SPF 30 in it ...haven't tried it but it looks good! http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...amp;catid=21503
  3. thanks for the responses....oops i had been slathering my skin in BP thinking it would dry up the pimples quicker thanks for telling me that! i also applied neasporin to the ones that looked like they'd scab...is that bad?!
  4. do you mean AHA moisturizer like the neutrogena one? will this add extra irritation to my skin or initial make it worse? Thanks!
  5. so i've been on the regimen for two weeks today with only the BP application at night...i was happy with initial results then i got these huge red bumps on my cheeks (my problem area) and i have been icing them for the past couple of days and taking 2 fish oil pills, somedays a centrum multivitamin, and 1 or 2 aleve for the inflamation. so today i iced them and did a bad thing... i picked at them...yup stupid i know!! some pus came out and after that i left an asprin mixed with aloe gel on f
  6. would applying BP sometimes during the day but mostly only at night be bad for the skin? like would this be too much going back and forth between bp applications for the skin? i applied a very small amount of BP to my cheeks only today where my acne is concentrated and because i can tell its about to get bad...sore pimples are underneath. i was thinking of also just spot treating bad pimples in the morning when needed as well. thoughts, opinions, suggestions?
  7. well i'm only applying BP at night cuz i'm scared to use it during the day (don't want it showing through my makeup and when i sweat from walking around outside in hot/humid weather i don't want BP to stain my clothes, etc.) ...the first couple of days it worked great...but since then i have a few big pimples pop up ...today is my 11th day on the regimen with only night application. i'm slowly increasing the amount of BP i use...i'm at about half a pump right now and apply a spot treatment to t
  8. well what did you use before? i've only been on the regimen for a little over a week now...i use dan's moisturizer only at night with the full regimen and neutrogena moisturizer during the day. i like dan's for night time and don't think using the two has been bad for my skin...i'm just experiencing stinging and a few new pimples...but i guess thats normal. if breakouts continue maybe you should just go back to the previous one you were using.
  9. my skin still stings after moisturizing both at night with the bp application and in the morning when i just cleanse, i apply about half a pump of BP at night only...so i'm gonna stay there for a while until the stinging subsides. i have been on the regimen now for a week and 2 days...i was happy with the initial results but then i got like 2/3 new pimples.... urrrgghh i just want all this acne to go away...its so frustrating! I have still been using the Neutrogena SPF 15 moisturizer during
  10. sweetheart519 where are you from...i want to go to your dermatologist!!! :)

  11. so has anybody had success with using the regimen only at night and skipping the BP during the day? i know one person on here said they cleared up from only using the BP at night...thats what i am doing currently...though i have only been on the regimen for a little over a week now. also just wondering is it safe to ice inflamed pimples on the regimen...like in between washing and the BP. i used to always ice inflamed pimples before the regimen and it usually works to bring down the swelling o
  12. wow glamourous is it worth $40 bucks? ...does it really take away the hair for 4-6 weeks?
  13. i can't help you with your problem...seeing as how i have only been on the regimen for a week and two days now, but i do have a question. you say you were clear for a year with just one application nightly?! thats what i am hoping to do...currently i am only doing the full regimen at night and cleansing and applying moisturizer before my makeup in the mornings. how much BP did you apply at night to stay clear for over a year, like a full pump or what? i hope somebody can help you with your qu
  14. so i have been using the full regimen at night with acne.org products and in the morning i cleanse with acne.org cleanser and apply Neutrogena SPF 15 moisturizer and wear Almay's TLC foundation with SPF 15 and apply a light layer of Everyday Minerals over it...my latest question is does this count as SPF 30 on my face or just SPF 15???