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  1. Some people also use turmerus to apply on their face. I never bother to try it since I don't like the smell ;[.
  2. Actually I do a a combination of weight lifting and running, as in I would lift one day and the next day I run. I think the reason for people to break out from weight training might have been the supplements that they take.
  3. Ok here's my case. Over the last few months or so, my face has been a mess. I mean there seems to be NO END to the oil on my face. And the BP.. didn't work so well.. Since my face is so oily, all the moisturizors I tried actually clog my pores. My health on the other hand wasn't so good (well wasn't as bad either), I was always too tired, too stressed out, to work out. One pimple after another. Yesterday I worked out for about an hour straight, sweat ALOT (shirt was completely drenched). Here
  4. Any suggestion on what kind of extractors to use? I remember i used to squeeze out my blackheads a lot, now i have gigantic pores... How are yours pores after the regimen?
  5. I can't believe i bought mine at Amazon when i can just get one from wal-mart -_-;;, well at least it's coming in the mail tomorrow . Anyways would it be good to apply on BP after exfoliating then moisturize?
  6. Thanks for the reply Cecelia! I'm going to try out the mandelic acid since I've read it posts that they actually close up your pores little by little. But should i replace Dan's BP with the mandelic acid? Would it be a good idea to also switch to a different moisturizor since Dan's still burns my face a little even after a month of usage.
  7. Oh I meant to say the pimples are slowing down, the blackheads and white heads are increasing on my cheeks. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. I have really oily skin. I have had moderate acne for years, but it seems to slow down after I use Dan's regimen. But I still get some white heads and black heads after a month of the regimen, mostly around my cheeks. And it seems to be increasing! My nose however, is getting better . I do get a pimple or two once a while. Here's what I use, - Nivea Energizing Face Scrub for men (cleanser and exfoliator I suppose?) - Dan's BP - Dan's Moisturizor Would it be Dan's moisturizor that is causing a
  9. Hi, I have been using Dan's products (all three) for about three weeks now. My skin was able to adapt to the BP rather fast. I do see some improvement to my skin but not much of it. I don't have any problems with pimples but my face's infested with those nasty black heads and white heads =/... I have really oily skin, and every time i apply the moisturizor it burns a little, should I limit the amount of moisturizor to use? Which would be better for oily skin full of black heads and white heads