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  1. you say that you are following the guidelines to success well... what is your definition of success? I can understand how you feel about being lonely, I have been down that street before and it sucks, but the biggest thing that has helped me is to try to realize that you are never down for the count. Don't give up chasing success, even if you fail. The most successful things are born from failure.
  2. I just posted a new thread about how I just stopped using all treatments all together and that has cleared me up nearly 100% Then again I don't know how bad your acne is so I can't really say if what you are doing is good or bad... but I'm a firm believer in the "Less is More" philosophy when it comes to acne. I used to wash my face 3 times a day and my face was the worst at that point in time.
  3. I joined the acne.org community when I was a sophomore in highschool, and I am now a sophomore in college. In high school I had VERY oily skin and mildy moderate acne. I would get smaller pimples around my mouth and up on my forehead with the occasional cyst (my cysts were typically the size of a pea however I had a cyst the size of a quarter on my chin one time). I had tried various methods of clearing up my skin and Dan's regimen worked best for me, although it didn't clear me up to my satisfa
  4. How much bp are you using? You can get away with using a lot the first few applications but if you start out with too much you will see redness, irritation, and flakiness. I have been down that road. Make sure you don't jump in too fast.
  5. Hey, welcome to the boards. How did you get your prescription Elidel? Maybe you should talk to your provider about bp before trying the regimen. If nothing else i would try just a little bit of a 2.5 bp gel on the most un-noticable spot you can think of on your face and see how you react. I think the higher levels of bp in the 10% cream can definately screw you if your not careful but maybe your just sensitive to bp in general. Good luck!
  6. lol my eyebrows are semi blonde now too. at first i was like crap i look a weirdo but a few girls at school have complimented me and said its metrosexual so w/e i can dig it
  7. I have been on the regimen for a month or so and have a good results but it seems whenever i shave i get a few really bad ingrown hairs around the sides of my chin-ish area. I use this neutrogena shave cream stuff that is supposed to minimize ingrown hairs and i shave with a sensor excel. I know it has to be the shaving because when i dont shave i dont get these darned ingrown hairs!!! Anybody have the same problem or some solutions?
  8. I use the cetaphil face wash for normal to oily skin and it works great! i dunno about the bar...
  9. In my personal experience applying 3 times a day is over drying and even cleansing 3 times a day irritates my skin even more. I wake up and wash my face around 6:15 in the morning and I workout around 5:00 so I can take a shower and apply bp again 12 hours later. This 12 hour period between washes seems to have reduced irritation and I have had better success with any kind of regimen. The only bad thing I can see to this plan is going to bed with some excess oil on your face and clogging more po
  10. I quit the whole hair gel thing and started using "styling paste". It works a ton better for me just because i have thick hair and gel doesnt keep it firm for long. My favorite "styling paste" is redken rewind. Expensive but worth it.
  11. Habib

    annoying oil

    so maybe washing twice in one shower is aggrivating my skin which causes more oil production?
  12. Hi. I have typical teenager acne. Not bad, but enough to weigh down my confidence. I get a few pimples in my problem areas, but my real problem is I produce tons of oil. It really gets bad during the day at school when i have to go in the bathroom to dab off the oil. Embarrassing to say the least. Currently i am on a clean & clear face wash program that i heard of from a guy on this forum. He claimed washing with c&c black head removing scrub, then washing with c&c continious control
  13. Pertaining to your redness under your eye i have no clue whats going on there, sorry. About those cysts you get a derm might be able to get rid of them for you. I wouldn't try anything myself if they are not that bad just because i wouldn't want a scar or something in its place. Best of luck.
  14. Using 10% bp gel isn't nessecary. 2.5% works just as well and doesn't irritate as much. On the regimen it sounds ok to me, but the most important thing is if it works for you. If not, then its probably not good. After moisturizing my face feels smoother and less dried out. I never skimp on moisturizing. It can actually help your oil glands produce less oil. If you have too much oil try moisturizing and then maybe applying some baby powder dabbed on with a cotton ball. I have been trying out th
  15. I got my tube of bp gel a couple days ago...everything i could have asked for. I got a few new pimples last night, and i put the bp gel on and wow. They didnt disappear completely but they were noticable smaller and less red. I love the consistency of the bp gel. It's so much better than the on the spot cream. I can put the bp gel on anywhere and not worry about the edges of my face having white lines of dried bp gel that i missed that morning. My face does seem to get a little more oily during