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  1. News for June 2008 I would have to say consistency is the key to great skin care. I am at a point where two full pump of Dan Kern Treatment doesn't even burn or dry my skin. I must say that I agree with Dan that the best regimen is BP nightime and AHA daytime with sunscreen. I haven't had breakouts for 2 months or so. Part of that success is due to consistency of following the regimen diligently. I'll tell you this. I still use Alpha Hydrox products and Dan Kern Product. I enjoy my suc
  2. May 9, 2008 Trial Experiment 1. I decided to put on BP nighttime as suggested by Dan Kern in his blog regarding using BP and AHA nighttime and only AHA in the morning. Observation 2. It has been a couple hours after applying two full pumps of Dan Kern's treatment (8 oz). It's nice that it doesn't burn my skin because I would think after a month and a couple weeks, my skin would be sensitive to BP. Apparently, it's not and that is good news. 3. After applying AHA lotion on my face (when
  3. "12% hydroxy acid" that is AHA automatically. If you want the best face wash...Alpha Hydrox face foaming wash is better than Cetaphil hands down. It's so ph balanced and it doesn't strip moisture from your face after using it
  4. I am not too sure. You should use Alpha Hydrox tho.
  5. Not to say anything about someones reading comprehension but I think pakifairy meant from the neck down. Jawline is according to Webster Dictionary is "the outline of the lower jaw". I on the other hand I know what you're saying. I'll say this congratulations on having it controlled in the face area. About the neck area that has cysts, I suggest you use AHA because its an excellent application for body area. AHA does not bleach clothes, so you are free to wear whatever you feel like wear
  6. I have to say...I have success with BP and AHA because I give them enough time to let them work on my skin. BP took 2 months trial. AHA is another 2 months trial. The purpose of my regimen is to find a customized regimen for myself and to share my insights of giving AHA regimen a lot of time and consistency. I have never fail not to put on AHA every morning and evening.
  7. jdruler: Yes my experience of purging of using Alpha Hydrox products are similar to yours. Anyhow, now I don't have pimple, just little enlarged pores in certain areas. I must say that AHA reduces future pimple about the same rate as BP. Amazing. Retinol ResQ is a combination of vitamins. Of course it'll help AHA to speed up its process, so if you have a lot of impurities under your skin (you have to remember that AHA is notorious for its penetrating ability where BP cannot penetrate),
  8. May 5, 2008 1. Today is the day I have no pimples on my face by method of Alpha Hydroxy Acid Method. The purging period may have been longer than expected, but it is so well worth it. My right side hasn't looked better in years since now. 2. My skin renewal is processing at a faster rate with the aid of sunscreen. Without sunscreen, the skin becomes easily damaged. 3. I am thinking about reintegrating BP back into my process. I am not sure yet. I am convinced that Alpha Hydroxy
  9. The reason why Dan says that you need to use a lot of BP is for a good reason. Bacteria causing acne cannot survive in oxygen. BP oxygenate on the skin surface which kills bacteria in the process. With two fingers worth of BP thoroughly covering the face, it kills acne bacteria at a faster rate. There are two correct methods to using BP, which is spot treatment or gradual increase of BP usage. "It is sensible to apply the lowest concentration and build up as appropriate. Once tolerance i
  10. I think people have to remember that acne is a long term process to get rid of since its bacteria lives under the skin via the pores. Since BP is an effective topical solution, it can only penetrate to certain depth of the skin. The way BP works is cell regeneration meaning skin renewal, so the more the skin sheds, the more bacteria gets rid of. If you look at the gallery of successful DKR candidates, they all took more than a year to get rid of acne for good.
  11. Hey Thomas, How is your experience with AHA lotion so far? I stand by Alpha Hydrox of course.
  12. Hello, I don't think you can be immune to BP. In my experience, it has always been off and on for several years, sometimes one or two years in between. I've always had some sort of chemical reaction to BP which is usually skin peeling. The reason why your skin is breaking out is not because you're not using BP. If that is the case everyone with or without acne should be on BP to not to have acne. I know people that never had to use BP. The main reason is that you have bacteria that caus
  13. There is a reason why Dan strong recommends AHA after one month of using BP. The reason is that the BP works why shedding dead skin to reveal new skin. Your new skin isn't prime for the amount of acid the AHA consist of which is around 10 to 12 percent. If you have been using the full amount of BP as Dan suggested, your face will be a little more sensitive than usual and this is normal for anyone that is subjected to BP. For people that haven't had their face bombarded with BP will not feel
  14. So those dirty looks they're giving you at the mall. They're not better than you in any way shape or form. I am not generalizing here, but I can say this. Assholes come in all forms. I know rich people that are great people. I also know rich people that are assholes. I know poor people that are the nicest people in the world. I also know poor people that are assholes as well. I think you mean you hate assholes as well. It's an epidemic and it's global isn't?
  15. Word of advice...start slowly...it'll burn...especially if you've been on BP regimen for a month or so.