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  1. I suggest you use Panoxyl 2.5 % for your BP treatment. The Zeniac products that Lumitimi mentioned contain AHA and are not suitable for sensitive skin! Have a good stay!
  2. Hi Vartoooza, Sanoxit 2.5 is gel-like. I have used it successfully for a couple of months before finding out that it contains Diethylphthalat, which is supposedly toxic. I read this in an article by the German consumer safety organisation "Oekotest". I am now using Panoxyl, which came off well in the test ("very good"). Cheers p.s.: Oekotest issue: Thema: Aknemittel Ausgabe: OekoTEST August 2008 Erschien am: 25.07.2008
  3. Hey there, learn to use Google You can get BP wash e.g. on Ebay.co.uk http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PANOXYL-WASH-10-BENZ...%3A1|240%3A1318 However, I've tried it and found that it didn't work for me. I too thought that the idea of a wash sounded great: more convenient , no bleaching etc. But the only thing it did was dry out my skin, esp. in the face. But of course you might give it a shot as it is not that expensive. PS: I am sure they will order it for you at Boots!
  4. Give it more time to work!!! I am now about 4 months in and am almost totally acne free. It got better after about 6 weeks! It has changed my life! I always used to quit after a few weeks because my skin would get red and irritated. After I found this site I decided to give it one more try (real try) and it worked. I wish I had found this site ten years ago when I was 17. It would have saved me alot of suffering. And just in case you think I am simply promoting the products sold on this site: I
  5. I have been using 2,5% BP only at night for about 4 months and I am pretty much acne free!
  6. I know what you are talking about. I am 27 as well. It pisses me off when friends tell me to use tee trea oil or Clerasil. As if, within ten years, I hadn't tried close to everything. However, this shows me that often one tends to see other people's problems as their own fault. How often, when seeing obesce people, have I said to myself (NOT to them) they should eat 1/2. What do I know about others have tried and how they feel about their problems. Having acne makes me less of an asshole!
  7. Journal of Dermatological Treatment (2000) 11, 219–240: "About 70–80% of patients that achieved the recommended cumulative dose had long-term remission." Journal of Dermatological Treatment. 2005; 16: 190–192: "Isotretinoin is highly effective in the treatment of severe, recalcitrant, nodular acne. A meta-analysis reported a clinical cure in 84–87% (2)." "(2)" was Wessels F, Anderson AN, Kropman K. The cost-effectiveness of isotretinoin in the treatment of acne. Part 1. A meta analys
  8. It would have been irresponsible of her if she had given you a prescription for Accutane the first time she saw you. Don't get me wrong, you may well be a case for Roaacutane. However, doctors need to get to know the patient. Even if you told her that you already tried everything she needs to see whehter or not you comply with medication procedures. The fact that you told her that you tried everything may have even caused not to give it to you. Try to put yourself into her position: A patient co
  9. Hi, I am 27 as well. Although this doesn't help you right now, just think what it would have been like if you had had it for the last ten years! But this isn't about me so I'll stop with that. First of all, I think your chances of getting rid of this are pretty good. You got it with what? 26? That does not sound like your regular case of acne but something different. You didn't say anything about what you have tried so far to get rid of it. There are many things that might have caused you to g
  10. Thanks for your answer, Kriszti. She didn't tell me what kind of Staph she was talking about. I guess it was not the dangerous kind you mentioned. Otherwise she would have told. Or at least I hope so!? The fact that there was an unusual amount of Staph on my skin was the very reason she said we should not use any more antibiotics. As far as I understood her, the various antibiotic topicals and oral antibiotics I have taken so far, in her opinion, are the reason why there are too many Staph on my
  11. Does nobody have a clue what this means?
  12. After sending in a swab from my skin to the lab, my derm told me that there are many staphylococcus bacteria on my skin. She wasn't really in the mood to explain what that meant. Do you have any clue how that sets me apart from regular acne? Or maybe it doesn't? Thanks for your advice!
  13. So you tried Accutane and after that you went to the derm? :think:
  14. Started at age 16 and still continues...(now 27)!