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  1. If have done routines similar to “the regime” before. It does not solve my acne. I have tried everything else from topicals to systemics. I am very prone to scarring. And everything has put too much pressure on mental health. I have done extensive research on isotretinoin and discussed it with my GP and Dr. Emil Henningsen. 20 mg/day significantly reduces the risk for severe side effects.
  2. My (22M) acne started about 7 ago and during those years, it got progressively worse. Not until late 2019 or early 2020, I started to take action. In the last two years, my knowledge about treating acne and acne scars improved as it became increasingly important to solve those problems. Important to note is that I already have numerous (though superficial) rolling scars on the cheeks and temples on either side of my face. I have previously used benzoylperoxide (2020, 2021), clindamycin (20
  3. But also being able to manage the discomfort etc for 7-8 hours in public transport?
  4. I am also seeing Emil Henningsen for my acne scar revision and I think he is a good dermatologist. I just started the whole journey with TL subcision and I am already planning the next treatments in August. Just like you, I am considering a fully ablative laser resurfacing when all the subcision and deep collagen production is done, just to finish it all. I think superficial texture problems can be addressed with fully ablative laser resurfacing, so that is good. I have to look into de
  5. I am planning to do another session of cannula subcision + dermal fillers abroad, along with RF microneedling and some TCA cross. Would it be a good idea to travel back home (7-8 hours by train, with a face mask) the same day after the treatments in the morning? Does anyone have experience with that and could give any advice?
  6. Best would be to do a full dermal transplant, which transplants the epidermis + dermis including nerves and veins as a whole. If this is done by autografting, you are basically swapping the tissues, so you will get the scarred tissue on an other part of your body (where it is more hidden). The advantage is that you are able to get 100% improvement, because the skin is basically flawless. The disadvantage is that it is probably highly invasive and it leaves scars at the excision area. I do
  7. I had TL at Henningsen’s on the 23rd of May. He used the cannula for areas where the TL is unsafe. As a result, I can say that the TL is far more superior than cannula. We already knew that of course, but I can clearly see the difference. The TL-treated part is just done for me (tetherwise), but the cannula parts need more sessions. I had no complications: no hematomas, no lumps. Only swelling for a week due to the tumescent fluid, and I am currently still numb in the TL area, which wi
  8. Yes. It includes other modalities for free. He used RF microneedling and TCA cross with no additional costs.
  9. What about untethered scars? Suppose you untether the rolling scars for 100% with Taylor liberator subcision, then do some treatments that stimulate collagen formation (e.g. RF microneedling or fractional CO2), then do fully ablative laser to fix texture problems. Combining these harsh treatments would yield great improvement (say around 70-80%), so you're only left with shallow rolling scars (that are not tethered anymore). Could you then benefit from dermal fillers (routinely) to improve the s
  10. I think 3D printing or otherwise externally producing/growing body parts like autologous skin structures will be the future in the field of regenerative medicine. What are your thoughts?
  11. What I know from autologous fat grafting is that it probably lasts (much) longer than HA fillers. I do not know how it compares to HA fillers functionwise.
  12. Yeah I know these kind of products. I think it falls in the same category as the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FirmX Eye. I have used that product before to hide atrophic scars, although the product is originally meant for hiding crow’s feet or under eye puffiness. The product basically tightens the skin very extremely, even to the point where it feels uncomfortable. I was able to make my (deep) boxcar scars on my temples disappear completely, like really for 100%. The downside o