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  1. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone here has any knowledge of or tried traditional Chinese medicine to treat their severe acne. I know there are many forms of Chinese medicine that help a multitude of illnesses so there must be one for acne. If anyone has tried this Chinese medicine then it would be great if you could post if it worked and how long it took to work etc. If anyone is interested, here are some websites that offer information: Thanks in advance!
  2. thank you for all ur replies and advice. i guess ill go by myself and just stik around for awhile
  3. yeh my friends are begging me to go but they all have dancing experience and good skin
  4. hello i am new to this forum and i was wondering if prom was worth going to. the senior prom is in almost a week. i dont really have a high self esteem cuz of my pretty severe acne. i cannot dance either, whether it is to fast/slow paced music. i was just thinking wat is the point of going to prom if im not gonna dance and cant get a date? is it even as fun as its hyped up to be?