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  1. you should stick with the BP gel. maybe only use it at night and use Zineryt during the day. BP gel works best for inflamed red acne but not so good on white heads. Chris PS i used to have that david brent dance for my picture
  2. Hey ive heard so much about these liver flushes that i thought id give one a try. ive had acne for about 5 years and its severity is between moderate to severe. All i want to know is the ingredients for a liver flush and a routine on how to do it. Thanks Chris
  3. i used to do dans regime but it done nothing for me. the gel used to make my face red. but saying that loads of people have had sucess on it so good luck Chris
  4. hey im using Zineryt as a topical and tetracycline as an oral. At the minute im having some bad out breaks so im guessing they are both losing there affect. ive been on them both for about 9 months now and zineryt has definatly improved my scars and helped reduce acne but it makes my skin look like shit. my skin is shiney even if i moisturise and if you dont moisturise your skin becomes stiff. is it making your skin look shit? Thanks Chris
  5. Does anyone know where to buy this from in the UK or website? About 500mg will do. ive tried www.b5supplements.co.uk but they are expensive and im hoping not to use them again. Thanks Chris
  6. ive been on tetracycline for about a month and im going through a massive outbreak but i expected this plus the drug done wonders for me last time. Anyway is anyone experiencing dry hair off this? Chris
  7. Hey NeO, so far so good my acne does seem to be clearing already. However this drug always gives me the side affect of dry hair! When i wash or wet my hair it becomes super dry and frizzy then when i apply styling products my hair feels solid, this may just be me though. Apart from that good luck keep me updated please Chris
  8. i started uni yesterday and so far soo good, ive talked too quite a few people and so far my acne hasnt held me back. However its too early too say yet Chris
  9. cheers everyone. MonkeyPie what pill? Or do you mean 'the pill'? Chris ps the new boards are buggy
  10. accutane scares the bajesus out of me to be honest but im thinking of going on it if my tetracycline doesnt work
  11. Looking at some of the active users here there are people who have been on the boards since 2002 and 2003, people like Gaz, gumby, Cubos, Jay and many many more. I just wanna know are the people who have been on since 2002 and 2003 clear? If so what products are you using? I start Uni nxt monday and although my skin is alot better i just wanna look sexy for meh first day Chris
  12. tabaso sauce really works plus you cant see it on a cup...worth a try Also if you make a cup of coffee or tea for someone, add the water, milk sugar and then stir it, let it settle and crack a raw egg in it, the egg sinks to the bottom and they dont realise until they are at the end of the cup. That ones the best Chris
  13. Cheers Duluxdog that does sound the best thing for me to do. Btw how are you getting rid of your redmarks, what are you using? Also what uni are u off to? Chris