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  1. Hello, I am an Indian male in my late 20s. Had mild acne since my early 20s (3-4 active bumps at any time). Also suffering from PIH (brown skin). I have naturally oily skin. Acne is triggered by caffeine or vitamin B12 pills (I don't take either). I am absolutely stumped on what to do as I always manage to have 1 or 2 big pustules or cysts. They almost a week until a head is formed. After the gross removal of the white stuff + blood. I get PIH, a dark brown circle around where the cys
  2. Have you tried using the acne.org cleanser and lotion? The toner and moisturizer could be irritating your skin.
  3. I'm 27 and have 2 huge zits each week. The past 3 years, proactiv worked fine but I had tons of hyperpigmentation so I started AMBI Fade cream (hydroquinone 2%) which made my skin look AMAZING for the first time since junior high school. However, 2 months later I started breaking out with huge zits each week. It drove me nuts trying to figure out why it was happening, for a good 9 months. Now I ordered DK's regimen and will probably drop the hydroquinone cream since it's not good with BP (ev
  4. Ambi: I used the ambi fade cream while I was on proactiv. I'm an Indian guy and the cream made me tanner I think. However, my marks were fading away within 1-2 weeks. After around a month of continuous use I was getting two painful zits every week (white pus filled huge zits). I think this had more to do with me not being gentle with the proactiv and not using enough BP. Alpha Hydrox Lotion (Glycolic acid 2%): I tried using AHA like other recommended, I just ended up very oily after a
  5. http://www.neutrogena.com/category/anti-aging/rapid+tone+repair.do Anybody ever use these? A Moisturizer that doubles up as a dark spot remover is a tempting product. Found one from Clearasil as well: http://www.clearasil.us/skincare-products/clearasil-ultra/ultra-acne-marks-spot-lotion
  6. For the past week, I've been putting on as much proactiv lotion as Dan recommends for his BP. It makes my skin feel tight, but I actually like this feeling (weird eh?). I don't really want to put on moisturizer. Does anyone use Dan's BP and not apply moisturizer? What are the consequences of this?
  7. I'm a 27 y/o indian male who's had acne since teens and I have no idea what to do. I have moderate acne, all my zits are huge and filled with solid white stuff. I've been using proactiv for the past 3 years which worked great for a couple of years, now it's just useless. My skin becomes extremely oily after a few hours, people think I'm sweating. It's time to switch things up, what do you guys think I should do?
  8. I get a pimple once a month, not a big issue. My main problem is that acne has left my face with some scars/dark spots. On the sides of my nose I have tons of large pores. My nose has blackheads all over it. Please recommend me a way of treating these issues: 1. Large pores. 2. Post acne scars/dark spots. 3. Blackheads (this is the thing that's like an ingrown hair right?). 4. Rough skin. Help would be appreciated (recommend products).