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  1. I have a lot of indented scars they don't show up so cleary iin the photos
  2. I'm wanting to use it for scar removal not so much stopping the acne
  3. Do you think they are worth the money?
  4. I'm sorry but these are still theories they are not proven facts. If it was that simple we would all be acne free by diet change alone and that is not happening for everybody There's a lot of diet fanaticism and that is a problem in itself.People who have success with diet change are naturally pleased and want to share what they think is a cure but it doesn't work for everybody
  5. Changing my diet has helped me find lots of new foods I enjoy but it has not had any real effect on my skin.I don't think my skin problems are diet related
  6. That is the question. At the moment I am using the Toner and Extra Strength Acne Fighting Treatment. This is working quite well but I am interested in the new formula Obagi Serum Gel and Pore Therapy. The Pore Therapy is about the same price as it's Paulas Choice Equivelent but the Serum Gel is very expensive but has this new formula for getting into the pores.What should I do?
  7. How am I wasting peoples time? I want information about Restore as it is the only kind of Fraxel available where I am. If it's so weak why do the company reccommend it for acne scarring?
  8. I'm considering Fraxel Restore. I have similar scarring. I don't know what to do. I want smooth skin danm it. Added photo
  9. I've been trying to start on Mandelic Acid but I'm having problems with it making my skin break out with Dermatitis .I started with the Vivant one which went fairly well but then I swapped over to Garden Of Wisom Alcohol Free 15 % . I think I need to try a lower percentage first Any advice
  10. I know how you feel. I've been there too many times:( Facing people is so hard when your skin goes like that. People who don't have acne don't understand how it makes you feel.They think it's just your skin that suffers Glad it's starting to look better
  11. Trying to find out if Benzoyl Peroxide really is effective on Blackheads This is supposed to be a Poll but something went wrong So the questions are Yes Benzoyl Peroxide Clears Blackheads For Me It Works On Superficial Ones But That's All No
  12. Hi I'm considering getting one of these things.I've had the Omnilux Professional treatments and I did find my skin was clearer but the cost was getting out of hand. Can you tell me which shops have Omnilux etc. I know The Shaver Shop sells Tanda but apart from that I don't know where to look I was on Roacutane too and I wish I'd never heard of it
  13. I am finding the Regimen Moisturiser is irritating my Dermatitis so I've had to stop using it. Anybody else had this problem?