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  1. So I should go againt everything I hear on this site for treating ild acne and just wash my face with a good face wash and thats it?
  2. I was doing well just using quinoderm cream 10% BP, I dont use the gel becuase it makes my face feel icky. Does gel work better than cream. I am also using Quinoderm face wash and wipes. I wipe my face then wash and I am using a moistureiser but I think something is causing my spots to break out. I think it is the moisturiser or the shaving foam I use it seems if I shave with soap it dosnt seem s bad can anyone suggest the best shaving foam, I use niva sensative at the moment gillette made t
  3. does anyone have any advice? please
  4. I have mild acne and have been trying to get rid of it for years. At the moment I am using Neutrogena visibily clear 2in1 Quinoderm Cream 10% BP I use that in the morning and night. It had been working faily well but now my spots are coming back. I am going to try using more Quinoderm products. I have brought the face wash, wipes and more cream and plan to use that in the day and night. Do you have any advice about my regimen and if these products are good because after reading the do
  5. Hi thanks for the advice. Like in the last 2 days there been more sun so my spots seem to be dissapearing. I think I will see my doctor and ask for a blood test for a vitamin deficency. I was going o take vitamin d tablets but now you have said that i will leave them alone. I will still use my BP face wash and cream as i think it helps and dosnt irritate my skin at all. But all summer my acne has been really good but as soon as the first solid week or gloomy weather where the sun couldnt b
  6. please can anyone reply with advise please i need help
  7. My skin gets a lot better during the summer and worse during the winter months. Ive been todl by the doctor that the sun can help my acne. I jsut need something now I can apply to my face which does what the sun does and I should ahve it under control
  8. For a while now, well for the whole of the summer I have been using BP 5% Cream and it seemed to work well. I thought my acne we finally under control. Now and again id get a spot which I didnt mind. But now over the last week ive got a lot of spots around my mouth again. I say alot about 6/7 but they are fair in size and some of them hurt a bit. Now my doctor a while ago said that sunlight can effect acne and that it would lessen in the summer and it seems that during this last week while it h
  9. Here is another update. Took the photos last night: This morning I applied more BP and after put on my moistureriser but I had a burning/stinging sensation and now round my mouth is red has calmed down a bit its still a bit red. Is this due to too much BP or the moistureriser. Im going to leave the BP off tonight around my mouth area to let the redness go away. here the picture of the redness: Im also using the BP soap for the first time tonight to make my chest and back fully clear.
  10. Yes, my chest and back are worse than my face. The BP seems to be helping supress the spots on my face. Im just ordering some BP soap and see if it improves my back. The retin a just burns and makes my chest red raw so im not going to be using it on my chest anymore.
  11. I do agree that my skin isnt as bad as other acne sufferers and im not trying to make out my skin is hard done too. The main reason I came here is get advice on the best regimen and I thought I would make a log if in the future anyone who has mild acne like me comes along and see's my regimen it could help them Thanks for all the advice JustaMomToo, Im currently surfing the web to find th BP soap, though at the moment I can find it only on US sites, would prefer to get from a UK location as it
  12. Im on a very similar regimen as you as I have mild acne so hopefully I will see results in a couple of weeks as im on my 2nd week now
  13. I do my regimen after I bath or shower, so I would suggest doing the same
  14. I am going to cut back to every other day with the retin-a as i feel it will be beneficial. Now ive got two pictures here of my chest. Im looking for a way to get rid of the spots on my chest, I did apply retin-a and as you can see it left me with a nice big red and very itchy patch on my chest, ive been hearing about the vinegar solution, could anyone please inform me on this. Do I bascially apply vinegar on my chest?
  15. Here is a quick update. Once again sorry for the poor pictures, my decent camera is broken at the moment. First week has gone. Got a few spots come up from using th BP as was expected and my skin is starting to dry more now but I dont mind that. Again the photos not been taken outside as in natural light you can see the more spots have that as under the skin. I will take some proper photos over the week. Im just trying to cut down on breakouts I have, if I can keep clear 90% of the time I wo