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  1. I had (and am continuing to have) simply amazing success with Doxy--I had moderately severe acne (pervasive white heads with a new cyst or two every week), and taking 200mg of doxy has eliminated 98% of all new acne formation for me. After over a decade struggling with acne, I couldn't be happier with the results... hope it lasts
  2. Sigh, I can definitely relate to many of the feelings in this thread. I'm twenty-four, and have had acne since I was twelve. It was awkward in high school, annoying in the college years, very annoying in graduate school, and freaking embarrassing in the post-graduate working world. I was working on Wall Street this past summer and would literally go weeks without encountering another professional person who had skin even close to as bad as mine. I've been on a highly restrictive diet for the p
  3. Wow, just reading this thread made me crave a sandwhich... it's been almost four months since I've even had a piece of toast
  4. I agree that it's a nigh absurd argument, but what can you do?
  5. Congrats! I've been gluten free for over three months and it hasn't really helped that much... sigh...
  6. A month is NOT enough time to gauge whether diet is working.
  7. Sorry to hear about the lights not working :( My skin has always been very sensitive to burning, and I can't help but wonder whether that has something to do with my responsiveness to the treatment. One other thought that popped into my head was these Avon skin 'peels' I saw in somebody else's signature (can't recall the exact name). They're listed on Avon's site and there are dozens upon dozens of reviews from people saying it has both decreased redness as well as prevented the forming of ne
  8. I'm only three months into a diet change, but I'm equally discouraged; you can see my current thread somewhere below yours. Have you tried adding in supplements (Zinc, fish oils, etc)? You might also look into at-home light treatment; I've already had pretty good success with the BeautySkin acne lamp and I've only been using it two or three weeks.
  9. I second that. Also, as a point to consider; when I started eating loads of fruit in homemade smoothies and alone was when my acne was at it's worst (I'd never gotten cysts/nodules before I'd done this, I tried to convince myself this was just a detox reaction.. but after a few weeks of this I realized it just wasn't working out for me). My advice first off would be to taper down on the fruit for a while and see if you notice a difference. Better yet, cut it out for a bit and add in some good fa
  10. SweetJade - ack! Nodules are what I'm talking about--edited the original post And thanks for the comments about the almonds. I'm definitely going to try cutting them out.
  11. I'm not sure it will help with the soreness, but I have to recommend the BeautySkin acne lamp for reducing redness, improving skin tone, and improving skin texture. It's pricey, for sure, but it's the closest thing I've found to an overnight fix (my redness drastically decreased within a span of 48 hours), and moreover, it's supposed to keep improving your skin for up to three months... I've only been using it for two weeks and consider it the single best thing I've ever done for my acne. I susp
  12. Hey everyone, About twelve weeks ago, I came onto Acne.org to find help with my moderate acne. Upon everyone's advice, here is what I have been doing for almost three months now: *NO refined sugar of any kind (only sugars come from fruits) *NO grains (whatsoever, gluten free or not) *NO citrus *NO corn *NO dairy *Nothing to drink but water (~1 gallon per day) and sometimes carrot juice *A little lean meat/fish (chicken, sardines, salmon) *Tons of vegetables and fruits (I'll generally have a hu
  13. I teach piano students on the side (many of whom are children) and thus spend a few hours every week in extremely close proximity (I sit very near the piano bench) to children. I've had one or two comment in the past, but instead of taking the opportunity to feel down or insulted, I've politely explained what was going on to them. They generally nod their heads, accept it, and move on.
  14. Just wanted to say that I'm enjoying reading your updates and hope you'll keep posting them
  15. I frankly found it to be pretty useless--I gave it my best shot, used it for the right kind of pimples in their early formation, and just didn't find it helpful, much less at that hefty price. Thank goodness for the 30 day guarantee (that Amazon was great about enforcing).