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  1. yo paulie! your sister's with me i'll call you later!!!

  2. this kind of makes sense, i might try it sometime in the future. so ur basically saying no moisturiser or anything, just a cleanser at night, and completely clear your diet up. what kind of 'plant-based' cleanser?
  3. hahahahha you wanna cure ur acne yet ur askin about roids. hahahahahahah. you may as well moisturise ur face with fried chicken.
  4. do the tuna and water diet, ala dave draper. google it.
  5. the manicare conedome extractor is the only thing which really works, but to use it correctly it does hurt
  6. tuna and water diet: http://www.davedraper.com/article-310-tuna-and-water.html
  7. um its still dairy and sugar... which is the main reason you're avoiding chocolate, yes? How is this gonna be any different?
  8. lots and lots of olive oil. take it with a tbsp like medicine if necessary lots of mixed nuts/fruit, like walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts ect bananas all meats eggs brown rice
  9. yes it will. when you restrict calories your body heals, thats why fasting is popular.
  10. i hate people like you. I'll have a sundae and my arse will jiggle for a week
  11. get rid of all the dairy to start with. im guessin the power bars were the cause of cystic acne not the nuts. tho nuts do break some ppl out peanut butter is generally accepted as being bad also you will have to experiment with the bread and pasta, wheat/gluten is a big trigger for a lot of people. especially the processed white bread and pasta which most ppl eat.
  12. cut out all sugar, dairy and wheat just eat vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, eggs and nuts. see how your skin looks after 4 weeks
  13. give thanks and praise to the lord and I will be alright