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  1. I'm wondering if anybody has had this problem/observation. I am developing some icepick and pitted scars after using accutane for 3 months. I believe they may be old scars that I had a few years ago that have now become more visible. Previously, I had "taken care of them" by letting them improve on their own and also 2 courses of NLite lasers. But now, low and behold, they are becoming more visible. You think accutane can do something like that? I don't understand how scars are developing
  2. To anybody: Is it imperative that acne be gone before trying TCA Cross? I just don't want to sit around and wait for a fully scarred up face before attempting to remedy the situation. I'm trying to hold the acne at bay with B-supplements right now.
  3. where can i find an LA doctor ot do TCA Cross, and is this a viable option if my acne is still active (by that i mean, thru B5 treatment, no pustules can be seen, but i know the acne is still lingering and the posisibilty of breakout still real).
  4. what EGF cream is cheaper than Re Vive and also good?
  5. is camellia oil used for moisturization or like you said, as a carrier oil to caryy what?
  6. Reilly or anyone. Is a TCA/Cross recommended if I have active acne?